How Top Brands Plan Packaging and Labelling Strategies for the Year Ahead

packaging strategiesIt’s no secret that for any business to be successful, it takes significant planning from top to bottom. That should include packaging strategies and labelling strategies that will speak to the branding of your company, along with the creation of product packaging ideas that generate revenue and cut costs.

A sound packaging and labelling strategy will add another layer to a business’ competitive advantage. From package design to safe packaging, all of it must be well thought out and make sense within the framework of your brand’s overall promotion.

With that in mind, we review some of the ways in which the top brands plan packaging and labelling strategies for the year ahead.

Learn from Past Data

The most effective means of planning a strategy for future growth, which includes packaging and labelling, is to take a data-driven approach. Study the numbers and trends of the past year, identify where there is room for variation, and create a plan that will give your brand the best chance at success. It’s always a good idea to test the packaging and labelling with some market research. Once the package it’s on the market, try to see what customers think of the final product.

Look to Your Competitors

One way to stay on top of packaging and labelling trends in the new year is to look to see what your competitors are doing. Are they using new, innovative technologies that you could potentially implement? Do they have better customer service and brand loyalty? One of the best ways to improve your business is to see what is and isn’t working for your competitors and use that knowledge to drive your company forward.

Induce Marketing through Packaging

This is really a vital step to implementing a successful overall branding strategy. Small businesses, in particular, really need to familiarize their brands with consumers at every opportunity. Packaging represents a chance to deepen the connection with customers by ensuring every package is branded appropriately. This is a chance that can’t be passed up. Consider different elements that go into designing your packaging such as the use of colours, the logo, and the font size/shape and how each can help you in terms of marketing. A good marketing strategy includes all theses aspects and a good campaign has to be uniform with the company message.

Stay Focused on the Customer Experience

As you are putting together your branding strategy to include custom packaging and labelling, always remember to focus on the customer’s experience. Customers are enamoured by details. Little things such as opening a package and seeing a thank-you letter, or receiving something unexpected in their package are just a few small ways a brand can enhance the customer experience.

Finding a way to personalize this experience with packaging only further reinforces to the customer that they have made the right decision to purchase one of your products. Using the previous example of the thank-you letter, you can amplify that experience by hand-writing the message. This takes customization to another level and creates an experience your customer will likely remember.

Hire Professional Packaging Services

If you’re talking about putting together a comprehensive branding strategy that includes packaging and labelling, then you need the professionals. The Unique Group continues to work with some of the most globally recognized brands. We understand what sound packaging and labelling means in the overall structure of your operations and can be the strategic packaging partner you’re looking for.

Today’s industries are too competitive not to take every advantage possible. Using packaging and labelling as a part of your branding strategy shows that you are committed to getting the most out of your brand promotion.

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