How Choosing the Right Colours in Packaging Can Help Build Your Fashion Brand

branding through colourOne of the most vital parts of your branding is choosing the right colours. Branding through colour gives you an instant connection to your audience. Colours speak volumes about how your brand chooses to present itself to consumers, and the psychology of colour theory in marketing is clear. Some studies show that up to 90% of a consumer’s first assessment of a brand is based on colour alone. Not to mention the 85% of consumers who say colour is a prime consideration.

Understanding consumer behaviour and how colour can trigger emotion should be considered in all aspects of your fashion brand marketing. This includes the packaging. The colour of the packaging must be consistent with your branding while still catching the attention of the consumer.

Colour Can Boost Product Sales

It’s a fairly straight line from choosing the right colour for your packaging and increased product sales, which lead to revenue growth. The goal in fashion is to stand out—to create clothing that makes a statement. That goal isn’t completed with the garment; it must also continue through to choosing the right material, design, and colours for your packaging. Consumers are far too visual and critical not to partly judge your brand by how it is packaged. You need to be just as vigilant with your packaging as you are with your clothing designs.

Colour Increases Brand Recognition

Your fashion brand lives and dies by how widely it is recognized. Consumers need to be able to instantly distinguish your style as soon as they spot your clothing. Focusing on packaging helps excel the brand recognition process. The key is to be consistent in your colour scheme and design. Customers need to see the similarities in the packaging, even between different products. This encourages familiarity and increases brand recognition. Some brands have even patented their colours in order to be exclusive, such as the shade of blue associated with Tiffany, Coca Cola’s red colour, and the green hue used by John Deere.

Colour Connects on an Emotional Level

You can tell a lot about a person by what they wear. Their style, their confidence, their lifestyle, and traces of all of these characteristics can be distinguishable simply by clothing. This is why colour is so important. People express themselves so vividly through the way they dress, and colour plays a major role in that expression. For consumers, colour is personal to who they are. Some colours also have different meanings depending on a country’s or culture. Knowing this can make all the difference when it comes to how successful your brand is worldwide. Stay on top of colour trends as best you can, especially if you are part of the fashion industry. You can consult web sites like Pantone to get more insight on what colours are trending each year.

As a brand, you need to make sure the colours you choose for your product and its packaging speak to your ideal customers. Missing the mark with colour removes some of the appeal of your brand and its products. In a time when every industry is ultra-competitive, you can’t afford to be missing the mark too frequently.

At The Unique Group, we understand all too well the influential role colour plays in a consumer’s decisions. We work together with our clients to produce packaging that will speak to their customers and stand out from their competitors.

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