Choose Product Labels That Can Help Fight Climate Change

You need to include labelling for your end consumer on your apparel, footwear, home goods, and many other products. Unfortunately, most labels are not sustainable. They are often made of materials which are by-products of oil use or cannot be biodegraded or recycled, meaning we use fossil fuels to make them, and then they end up right in a landfill, or polluting our oceans or soil. Polyester is a main culprit, and every ton of polyester generates 9.52 kg of CO2 pollution, according to Advanced Waste Solutions. This is almost double what cotton produces. Not to mention that in Canada, 80% of all textiles, whether their labels are polyester or cotton, end up in landfills.

The Unique Group has solutions for you. We offer labels with significantly lower environmental impact and those that counter some of the worst properties of typical product labels. Learn more about why our solutions are so vital and which are right for you below.

Alternative, Sustainable Labelling Products

The Unique Group offers innovative solutions that reduce the negative impact of labelling. Our range of sustainable labelling options includes:


  • Biodegradable polyester labels: We are developing new techniques to make polyester synthetic materials biodegradable without compromising fabric performance. The goal is to have a label that will break down much faster than polyester and do so without releasing harmful by-products.
  • Recycled polyester labels: We offer recycled polyester yarn for labelling. It is made from 100% recycled PET, the same material used in disposable water bottles. This recycling process allows us to make the most of the plastic material we create. We can finally reuse it, without needing to expend nearly as much energy as we would if we had to make new labels from scratch.
  • Organic cotton labels: Cotton is a strong improvement over conventional polyester in terms of environmental impact. As a natural plant material, it has a low carbon footprint and is not a by-product of oil. Our cotton is organic and, therefore, softer and more breathable than non-organic cotton—it is a joy to feel on clothing. Our organic cotton is made without GMOs, chlorine bleach, synthetic dyes or synthetic agricultural chemicals, make it a stand-out product for sustainability.

  • Of course, we also offer sustainable inks (water-based inks & soy-based inks) so you can print what you like on your labels with full confidence you are making an environmentally sound decision.




You Benefit from Our Sustainable Labelling Products

Choosing labels that are more environmentally sound should be simple. The benefits are wide, from supporting the environment, reducing pollution, and even benefits for your brand.

Work with The Unique Group to get the sustainable labels and inks you need to improve your company. Contact us here