We care deeply about the environment. Our mission is to continually develop innovative and sustainable product solutions to enable retail brands to achieve their sustainability goals.

We are proud to offer a vast assortment of environmentally friendly labeling and packaging solutions. From recycled, organic and FSC® products to BDP® biodegradable polybag options, we have what you need.

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Biodegradable Polybags

Our fully biodegradable polybag is an exciting new innovation developed to combat the global plastic waste crisis. In collaboration with Change Plastic for Good®, we are utilizing BDP® biotechnology, an organic ingredient that is blended into plastic during manufacturing.

The process is simple—BDP® attracts microbes to the plastic in oxygen free, microbe rich environments such as landfills, oceans and soil, where they will digest the plastic in its entirety, leaving behind no microplastics, only organic compost and biogas which is captured for clean energy.  What would otherwise take centuries to biodegrade, BDP® reduces to a few years.


Biodegradable Polyester Labels

Traditionally, polyester is not a biodegradable fiber; synthetic fibers like polyester might take between 20 to 200 years to decompose, contributing to landfill pollution.

The Research & Development team at The Unique Group are currently developing new techniques in fiber manufacturing to make synthetic fibers as polyester, biodegradable without compromising the fabric performance.




Recycled Polyester Labels

Recycled polyester yarn is an excellent eco-friendly material that can be used to produce woven and printed labels with no noticeable visual or handfeel difference. It is a sustainable form of polyester, composed of 100% recycled PET, the material used to make disposable water bottles.

Unlike other recycling processes, recycled polyester can be created without petroleum. By choosing our recycled polyester labels, you get the same technical performance in fibres with a smaller environmental footprint.


Organic Cotton Labels

When you choose organic cotton, you can be confident that you will be using quality materials. The fibre is softer, more breathable and higher quality than non-organic cotton. It is grown using methods and materials that have a low carbon footprint without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), chlorine bleach, synthetic dyes or any synthetic agricultural chemicals.

UNI-SOLUBLE Water-Soluble Stickers

Unlike traditional stickers, our new water-soluble stickers possess the unique added advantage of dissolving in any water temperature without leaving adhesive residue. They are 100% eco-friendly, garment-friendly, leave no adhesive residue and utilize FSC-certified materials. They come in a variety of thicknesses, colours and coatings and are well suited for the apparel, footwear and home goods industries.


FSC Accredited Papers and Boards

The Unique Group is committed to upholding the highest environmental standards and we are proud to have obtained certification from the renowned Forest Stewardship Council. The Forest Stewardship Council (commonly referred to as the FSC) is an international certification system that identifies responsibly managed forests and wood products.

When purchasing your FSC-certified products from The Unique Group, you can feel confident you are using responsibly managed and sourced high quality wood and paper products.

We offer FSC-certified products for printing and packaging materials. By choosing these products, you will be protecting rare and endangered forests, wildlife, aboriginal people's rights, community and worker's rights.


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Recyclable Polybags

We are here to give sustainable answers in the fight to reduce plastic packaging. We manufacture a wide range of eco-friendly polybags which are made with recyclable materials. We are focused on green packaging solutions and dedicated to increasing our product portfolio offering in this area, which will result in a positive impact on the environment.




Sustainable Inks for Printing

Water-Based Inks are made with water rather than plastic, containing fewer oil-based chemicals as they do not contain PVC or phthalates nor require solvents for cleaning equipment, making them a great environmentally-friendly printing option.

Soy-Based Inks are an eco-friendly alternative derived from soybeans, one of the most renewable food sources available as it can be farmed without irrigation. While it is slightly slower to dry than other inks, it has a host of benefits for the environment and your pocketbook. Soy-based inks produce a more vibrant and intense colour which in turn reduces the amount of ink required to print on materials. It also has low levels of VOC's (volatile organic compounds) which helps to reduce air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions. Soy-based inks can also be removed more easily for recycling.