At The Unique Group we believe in partnerships and growing together, as a B2B company, we help our clients to create brand solutions that appeal to their customers.

As our client, we offer you a business relationship based on a branding collaboration; our main objective is to share our expertise in packaging and labelling and offer you unique and innovative solutions that will help your business to gain the competitive edge and advantage in the retail and e-commerce market.

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The importance of a clothing label cannot be understated—it’s the first look that many consumers get of your brand, and you want to make sure that it leaves a lasting impression. An eye-catching, high-quality label can sway a first-time buyer and set you apart from the ocean of alternative brands. Our labels offer a world of options when it comes to materials, design, and the amount of detail you can include. From logos to care instructions, you can choose what’s included on your custom label.

We offer different options: Woven Labels | Printed Labels | Heat Transfer 
(durable heat transfer,  reflective heat transfer, stretch heat transfer, TPU heat transfer, PU heat transfer and silicone heat transfer)


A heat transfer is a type of labelling commonly referred to as “tag-less.” It offers all the advantages of a more traditional label, with a no-label look. Heat transfers are recyclable, durable, have superior colour quality, and can be applied with perfect accuracy.

Hangtag Solutions


Hang tags are a popular choice for clothing because of their versatility. Custom hang tags allow you to customize everything from the layout to choosing the types of font and information you’d like on them. A hang tag acts a representation of the brand, and customers often equate a high-quality label with a high-quality product.


Without embellishment, fabric is like life without color. We offer specialty products that add design interest to your garments and help to make it eye catching, attractive and different. Some of our specialty products are:

  • Patches: woven and leather
  • Zipper pulls
  • Metal findings
  • Cords
Variable Data Solutions


Variable data labeling is a critical component of merchandise tracking and control. The Unique Group's automated systems allow us to embed critical information such as individual item's price, bar code, or size into your custom packaging or labels without slowing down the printing process.

This level of customization enables retailers and manufacturers to track inventory and capture information without manual intervention and eliminates the potential for human error — saving time and money. Our factories give us the flexibility to meet retailers' and manufacturers' demands for a timely response across the globe. We produce different kinds of variable data labeling, such as barcodes, adhesive stickers, and RFID technology.

We offer different options regarding labels:

  • RFID
  • Invisible watermark QR code
  • QR codes
  • Price tickets
  • Barcodes


You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression. Since most customers don't take the time to learn the advantages and disadvantages of your product, they use a shortcut to make their decision. That shortcut is your product's packaging. Effective packaging not only protects your product, it also tells consumers why your product is different. Great packaging can create a lasting impression on the shelf and in the minds of your customers.

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Sustainability is a guiding principle for our organization. We recognize how the fashion industry affects the environment and we are taking steps to minimize our carbon footprint in tangible ways. In partnership with our clients, vendors and business partners, we create packaging and labeling solutions that address environmental, social, ethical and corporate governance concerns.