Protecting Forests with Sustainable Packaging: Your Guide to FSC Labels

We all feel a corporate responsibility to use the world’s forests sustainably. Likely, the packaging material you put on your product started in a forest. But you weren’t there to see how harvesting those trees impacted the environment. The Forest Stewardship Council’s certification ensures the logging is sustainable.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is dedicated to responsibly managing forests. Any wood, packaging, and paper products you choose should be FSC certified. The Unique Group offers a range of suitable options, including paper bags, boxes, riders, and hangtags. However, there are three different FSC certifications that our products have achieved. Which is right for you?

The Three FSC Labels 

The FSC standards are high. In fact, a forest certified by the FSC will create zero deforestation. After wood product leaves the forest, the FSC uses a chain of custody to track it. It will then earn one of three labels:


  • FSC 100%: This label means that every forest-based material in the product was sourced in an FSC-certified forest.
  • FSC Recycled: This label means that all the forest-based material in the product was recycled. No new trees were harvested to make it.
  • FSC Mixed: This label means that at least 70% of the forest-based material in the product was sourced from FSC-certified forests. The remaining 30% may be from recycled materials or FSC controlled wood. Controlled wood is less likely to be from an “unacceptable source,” such as illegal logging.

Our FSC-Certified Products

We offer hangtags, riders, boxes, and paper bags in all three certification types. We also offer them in an array of board types and micros. We also offer sustainable inks, print effects and finishes.

The Unique Group’s sustainable solutions allow you to develop the custom packaging you need to impress customers while also fulfilling your goal to keep your decisions sustainable and appealing to the environmentally conscious consumer.


Contact us to discuss your packaging needs or how our products meet FSC certifications.