JOIN THE GREEN REVOLUTION - Our mission is to continually develop innovative and sustainable product solutions to enable retail brands to achieve their sustainability goals.

We are proud to offer a vast assortment of environmentally friendly labeling and packaging solutions. From recycled, organic and FSC® products to BDP® biodegradable polybag options, we have what you need.



Uni-Shield powered by PROTX2® is a new treatment that decrease bacterial and viral loads on soft and hard surfaces, decreasing the chance of transference to the labelling and packaging surfaces.


Uni-Smart, powered by The Unique Group and Arylla is an invisible ink printed onto a brand’s existing labels that could be photographed through mobile devices. Photographing the label will take the user to a website or file - a completely online experience rather than conventional print.



Our new Uni-Soluble: Water-soluble stickers, unlike traditional stickers, possess the unique added advantage of dissolving in any water temperature without leaving adhesive residue.

Made with FSC-certified materials, are 100% eco-friendly available with a variety of thicknesses, colors and coatings.