Ever had a stiff label that irritated your skin? Well "tag-less" is your answer. A heat transfer is a type of labelling commonly referred to as “tag-less.” It offers all the advantages of a more traditional label, with a no-label look. Heat transfers are recyclable, durable, have superior colour quality, and can be applied with perfect accuracy. These high quality labels resist fading, and stretch to prevent cracking even after repeated washes and usage.

Silicone Heat Transfer

The Unique Group silicone heat transfers are versatile and can be produced in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. They have superior color quality and can be designed to have a 3D effect if desired. They are also recyclable, durable, and can be applied with perfect accuracy. This helps to prevent cracking and also helps makes your brand stand out to your potential customers.

Our silicone heat transfer labels can be used as clothing tags for sportswear, t-shirts, underwear, denim, among other fabrics.


Durable Heat Transfer

The Durable Heat Transfer (DHT) is made with an ink that can be bonded to both cotton and polyester fibres and it blends with no issue. This means the ink bonds directly into the fibre of the fabric with no chance of peeling or cracking off. Since the ink becomes part of the fabric, there is no hand feel to the transfer. The DHT will be as soft as the fabric. As the fabric softens during repeated washes, the transfer takes on the same soft character as the material.


Halo-Free Heat Transfer

Our halo-free heat transfers are perfect for logo brand identification and care instruction labels. These are incredibly soft, natural looking, one color heat transfer labels with NO glue shadow or “HALO” that is so prevalent in today’s heat transfer labels.

No design is too complex for this type of label with font size as low as 5 pt with .23mm height. They are produced in cut singles on clear PET carrier for easy registration or in a more efficient roll to roll application format. The heat settings required are low for today’s sensitive fabrics with fast dwell time for quick and efficient production. The stretch for these labels meets and beats industry standards and the chemistry conforms to OEK-TEX 100 and CPSIA standards.


Flocking Heat Transfer

The flocking heat transfer is a unique vinyl material designed to be cut with silhouette electronic cutting tools. It irons onto fabrics creating a raised, soft and textured velvet finish that is a perfect alternative to embroidery.

It is a much thicker variety of vinyl than the regular heat transfers, the texture that our flocking heat transfers have helps to add dimension to your design.


Translucent Heat Transfer

Our translucent heat transfers are thin, lightweight and soft to the touch, giving an amazing look and feel to your designs.

It’s extremely durable wash after wash and creates a flashing effect with the light.



Stretch Reflective Technology

In addition to being able to stretch with the top performance fabrics of today, the stretch technology also boasts a 100% recovery rate. This means it has optimal stretch capabilities without distorting any of the designs on the material.

The applications for our stretch reflective technology are exciting. The labels can be used in sportswear, outer garments, safety products, caps, shoes, bags, and so much more.

This technology allow designers to create durable, high-quality reflective design elements without sewing. They’re lightweight and offer superior stretch and recovery to match today's performance wear fabrics.



Regular Heat Transfer

The Unique heat transfers provide a nice, clean look for your labels where you want the consumer to only feel the material of the garment. Our heat transfers can be applied to all fabrics, including stretch material and can be produced in multiple colors, reflective and non reflective.

Our technology can be customized to your brand requirements and tailored to whatever fabric you need to apply the tag-less labels to.

Heat transfer labels are best suitable for activewear, swimwear, underwear, kidswear and lingerie.