Heat Transfer labels, sometimes referred to as "tagless" were developed as a replacement for irritating scratchy labels. They are extremely durable and a high level of detail can be executed. There is a scientific understanding of fabric application required involving heat temperature, pressure and dwell time for Heat Transfers.

Our service and technology allows us to tailor the heat transfer and ensure that it is extremely durable. These high quality labels have evolved over time to overcome stretchability issues and shadow image.

Heat Transfer labels are best suited to performance activewear, swimwear, underwear, kidswear and lingerie.

Silicone Heat Transfer

Our Silicone heat transfers are versatile and can be produced in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. This includes the added advantage of 3D effect. This is a science as adhesion and fabric issues apply.

Silicone heat transfer labels are very pliable and soft, enhancing the look of the garment. These Heat Transfers are ideal for use in the athleisure industry.


Durable Heat Transfer

The Durable Heat Transfer (DHT) is made with an adhesive-free ink that can be bonded to both cotton and polyester fibres without issue. After application, there is no hand-feel. This product will withstand stone/industrial washing and will soften and fade after processing.


Halo-Free Heat Transfer

Our Halo-Free Heat Transfers are the solution for detailed (small font) label designs. They are incredibly soft, resist cracking and have no glue shadow. They can be produced in both cut singles on clear PET carrier for easy registration and on rolls for more efficient reel-to-reel application with a short dwell time.

The stretch for these labels meets and beats industry standards and the chemistry conforms to OEK-TEX 100 and CPSIA standards.



Flocking Heat Transfer

The Flocking Heat Transfer is a unique vinyl material designed to be cut with silhouette electronic cutting tools. It is applied onto fabrics creating a raised, soft and textured velvet finish that is a perfect alternative to embroidery. A thicker variety of flocking helps to add dimension to your design (3D).



Stretch Reflective Heat Transfer

Reflective top performance fabrics today are required to have extensive stretch properties and our stretch heat transfer technology allows 100% recovery without distortion. Reflective heat transfers are used extensively within the active sportswear industry covering a variety of products (tops, bottoms, under layers and safety attire).