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As a B2B company, we help our clients create brand solutions that appeal to their customers.

As a client of The Unique Group, we offer you a business relationship based on a branding collaboration. Our main objective is to share our expertise in labelling and packaging and offer you unique and innovative solutions that will help your business to gain the competitive edge in todays' retail and e-commerce market.



We pride ourselves on a long history of innovation. We conduct technological, scientific and market research to develop new products and test them with real conditions and audiences. We raise the bar, working hard to differentiate our products from the rest and further enhance, perfect and commercialize our offerings thereby creating added perceived value.

We believe that nothing's impossible! Our bank of knowledge and experience means that we're ready and able to work with you to bring your most cutting-edge creations to life.


The Unique Group operates out of six strategically located manufacturing plants, supplying a diverse range of products to the apparel and packaging industries. With offices and facilities located in Bangladesh, Canada, China, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey and the United Kingdom, we have the most advanced technology and production facilities, guaranteeing that our products meet your high standards.

Our global facilities are staffed by team members with in-depth knowledge of the local market, who maintain the consistency and high standards you expect from The Unique Group brand. They’re ready to support you every step of the way.



When you choose The Unique Group, you get exceptional customer service and top quality products every single time. We understand that every detail of your product matters and stand by our exceptional quality standards.

We quality check every single aspect of a product including:

  • Colour compliance
  • Raw material consistency
  • Durability performance

By use of the latest technologies, our products maintain quality and consistency. Detailed reports, samples and production tracking are available as part of our standard service.

We’re proud of the uniqueness and quality of our products and we know you will be too.