We create the label that never gets cut out!

The importance of a label can never be understated. It's the first impression that consumers will get of your brand and you want to make sure that it leaves a lasting positive one.

An eye-catching, high-quality coloured label can sway a buyer and set you apart from the ocean of alternative brands. Our labels offer a world of options when it comes to materials, design and amount of detail.

Woven Labels | Printed Labels | Heat Transfer Labels are detailed below.


Woven Labels

We produce a wide variety of label weaves including taffeta, high-density damask, semi-damask, satin and twill from raw materials that include polyester, cotton, metallic and micro fibre yarns.

With the growing market demand for sustainable alternatives, we also provide yarn options in recycled polyester and organic cotton. Additional technical choices include laser cutting, ultrasonic cutting and meusonic slitting, embossing and adhesive applications.

Based on the end-use requirement, choose between straight cut, end fold, mitre fold, centre fold, booklet, offset booklet or Manhattan fold label finishes.

Printed Labels

Printed labels give the customer the choice of a wide variety of fabrics, including our dyed substrates. Our printed fabric labels are customized to include logos, brand names, sizes, fibre contents, care instructions plus more.

Substrate fibres can include polyester, cotton, silk, acetate and many others.

UNI-FINE: Soft Coloured Labels

The Unique Group has created an ultra soft-touch label made specifically for lingerie that adds a luxurious and refined hand-feel to any undergarment.

Our exclusive UNI-FINE labels are extremely soft, have a smooth matte texture and print with rich colour. They can be pantone dyed to match your desired colour, thereby enhancing the finished product and your brand image.

Label Substrates

  • Satin: the most widely used in the printed label industry, this product is available in various thicknesses and textures.
  • Taffeta: an economically priced option that is less stable than satin.
  • Twill: a diagonal weave pattern that provides visual interest and casual appeal.
  • Canvas: a basic even coarse is ideal for work-wear related products.
  • Grosgrain: a vertical rib design provides added appeal.
  • Leather | Micro suede: widely used as patches in denim programs, it is durable and long-lasting.


Label Finishes & Treatments

Multiple label finish & treatment options are available to suit your requirements.

Finishes include:

  • End Fold, Centre Fold, Mitre Fold, Manhattan Fold
  • Booklet, Off-Set Booklet
  • Tear-Away

Treatments include:

  • Die-Cut
  • Laser-Cut
  • Embossing

Heat Transfers

Heat Transfer labels, sometimes referred to as "tagless" were developed as a replacement for irritating scratchy labels. They are extremely durable and a high level of detail can be executed. There is a scientific understanding of fabric application required involving heat temperature, pressure and dwell time for Heat Transfers.

Our service and technology allows us to tailor the heat transfer and ensure that it is extremely durable. These high quality labels have evolved over time to overcome stretchability issues and shadow image.

Heat Transfer labels are best suited to performance activewear, swimwear, underwear, kidswear and lingerie.

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