Uni-Smart Solutions Open A World of Possibilities for Packaging & Apparel Branding


Smart packaging is simply packaging that has a sensor or a digital interactive component. This simple addition opens a world of possibilities for marketers. The Unique Group offers Uni-Smart products, for apparel and other merchandise. These labels can allow customers to authenticate your product, give them a rich story-telling experience and help you stay competitive.

How Uni-Smart Products Work for Apparel, Wine and More 

The Unique Group gave Aldi Wines Uni-Smart packaging for wine bottles. The packaging included a Laava Smart FingerprintTM, a custom-designed sticker that consumers could scan. When they scanned this label through the Aldi website (with any smartphone), the customer was presented with a digital experience. They could verify the product was authentic as well as access rich storytelling about the product (grapes growth environment and its production process – in more detail than has ever been possible). The system has two-way integration with ERP, DLT, Traceability, NFT and eCommerce Platforms.

We also offer you your own custom label, patch, or packaging for your product, leading to a completely custom digital experience. For those who sell apparel, one of the important elements of Uni-Smart packaging is verification. But there are other uses too. Using Arylla invisible security ink, each individual product you manufacture can be identified by the scanner.  This opens up many possibilities to track products on a granular level.

The Value of Uni-Smart Packaging for Your Brand

We offer easy-to-use software that allows you to customize your product’s digital experience. Use either our pre-made templates with your brand assets or develop your own experience to:

  • Improve brand transparency: You can increase a consumer’s confidence in your apparel when they have it in their hands. It is powerful to confirm the authenticity of a product and its core claims when your customer is most likely to purchase it.
  • Offer rich storytelling: It can persuade or grab attention. The depth of information is limitless with Uni-Smart. There are limitless design options for your brand to tell its story.
  • Promote loyalty programs: By offering rewards or promoting your loyalty program, you can encourage purchases and increase brand loyalty

Start with Uni-Smart Products Today

The Unique Group offers woven labels, printed labels, adhesive labels, patches, and packaging that connect to custom digital experiences. Reach out to us with questions or to start your campaign.