Canada Bans Single-Use Plastics: How to Find Great Alternatives


It will soon be illegal to manufacture or import single-use plastics in Canada. According to CNBC, by December 2023, organizations of all kinds will need alternatives for all single-use plastics, including their current plastic packaging.

The Unique Group offers exceptional alternatives that can help your organization adapt. We offer high-quality plastic products that quickly and naturally degrade once the end consumer has disposed of them.

Biodegradable Plastics From The Unique Group

The Unique Group offers biodegradable packaging and shrink wrap. Our plastic packaging options have a patented organic biotechnology called BDP® which encourages microbes to break down the plastic quickly, without creating microplastics.

Our bags address the concerns of both consumers and governments. They have no harmful toxins or allergens, putting consumers at ease. They are simple to reuse or recycle to relieve government waste facilities. Instead of taking up room in a landfill or poisoning fish in Lake Ontario, our plastics take only years to break down into biogas and humus—natural stuff.

As a manufacturer, supplier, or food company, you’ll also be pleased with the performance of our packaging alternatives. Our plastics are transparent, resistant to moisture and tears, and have a long shelf life to keep your products safe until they are sold and consumed.

The Benefits of Using Our Biodegradable Plastics

Switching to our bags can help improve your brand image as a company that is thoughtful about packaging, its environmental impact, and the message they send to consumers about plastic use.

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