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Have You Joined The Plastic Waste Revolution And Made The Change To Biodegradable Poly Packaging?

To appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and as part of an effort to meet your organization’s own sustainability goals, you can turn to biodegradable packaging from The Unique Group.  These alternative materials are better for the environment. They break down in only a few years instead of the thousands of years it takes traditional plastic bags and shrink wrap to degrade. However, not all biodegradable packaging has the same environmental benefits. Fewer still have the same level of performance when it comes to covering your products. Discover why The Unique Group’s biodegradable packaging is a smart, sustainable choice and one that will keep your products appetizing.

How Is Our Biodegradable Packaging Different?

Technically, everything is “biodegradable.” Traditional polybags and shrink wrap will break down; the process just takes hundreds of years. In the meantime, they pollute rivers and oceans, harm sea life, and create a massive logistical problem for waste disposal systems. When they do break down, they create harmful microplastics. So, we need not just biodegradable packaging options but also ones that break down quickly and reliably into a material that won’t harm us the way microplastics do.

How Does Our Biodegradable Packaging Measure Up?

1. Speed of Biodegradation

Our plastic polybags and shrink wrap products break down in only a few years. Through our partnership with Change Plastic For Good, we have added a patented organic biotechnology called BDP® to the plastic during the manufacturing process. This simple green additive makes the plastic attractive to microbes that are already naturally occurring in the soil, in landfills and in the ocean.

2. No Microplastics

Those microbes take over the surface of the plastic and eat away at the plastic as well as the organic matter we added to it. The plastic becomes hydrophilic, so it retains the moisture the microbes need to keep breaking the plastic down. They do not leave behind any microplastics!

3. Biodegradation in All Environments

Every year, 25 million more tons of plastic ends up in the ocean. But your plastic wrap doesn’t have to be among them. Our plastic bags and wraps are proven to break down quickly in anaerobic environments (environments without oxygen.) This includes the ocean and landfills. If our bags are buried under soil or trapped in mud, they will also break down there.

4. Will Our Biodegradable Packaging Perform Well?

To truly take the place of less sustainable plastic bags, any biodegradable material needs to perform at least as well as the original plastic. The material still needs to seal your product, make your product look appealing and last as long on the shelf as you need it to. The Unique Group’s biodegradable plastic and shrink wrap perform just as you would expect. That includes:

  • Shelf life and strength: Our biodegradable bags and wrap are still resistant to moisture, resistant to tears and have a long shelf life.


  • Appearance and clarity: The BDP® is mixed into typical plastic and does not change its appearance in any distinguishable way. Our plastic bags and wrap still look clear and attractive, keeping the focus on your product.


  • Recyclability: Our plastics are still recyclable.


•Shrink Wrap products


The Unique Group is committed to offering you the solutions you need to make sustainable decisions and material choices without sacrifice. Reach out to our packaging professionals to discuss your needs Contact us here