Combating the Global Plastic Waste Crisis: New Biodegradable Polybag

The Unique Group is proud to launch our newest sustainable solution to combat the global plastic waste crisis: the biodegradable polybag. For all its benefits, plastics’ major flaw is that it sticks around for a long time and despite efforts to do good, the majority of plastic we recycle ends up in the same place as our garbage.


With plastic production growing and expected to double in the next 20 years, we need to act now to disrupt the way plastic waste is handled.


In collaboration with Change Plastic for Good®, our fully biodegradable polybag can replace regular polybags, which can take centuries to degrade. Thanks to BDP® biotechnology, our new polybag will biodegrade completely after only a few years.



How it works?



The scientific process of biodegradation is quite simple. The BDP® is an organic ingredient that is blended into plastic during manufacturing and acts as a food source for microbes in nature. In anaerobic environments (landfills, oceans and soil), microbes are attracted to the BDP® and will begin to colonize on the surface, eventually rendering the plastic hydrophilic (water-loving). The polymer is broken down into individual chains until it is completely consumed.

Any CO2 produced in the biodegradation process is mainly consumed, and most of what is left behind is compost which fertilizes the soil, or methane which is captured and converted into clean energy.

We encourage the recycling of all our products but as our partners at Change Plastic for Good® say, regenerative is better than circular! We agree, and we want to share the remarkable process that allows these biodegradable polybags to produce clean energy.


Join the Green Revolution



We’re always striving for innovative solutions to plastic waste, and we want to celebrate this one by inviting our clients to JOIN THE GREEN REVOLUTION! When you partake in conscious packaging, you give your consumers the same opportunity to make a positive environmental impact.


79% of all plastic sits in a landfill today and it’s most likely our bags will end up there too, or else, in the ocean, or soil. That’s where the BDP® backup plan comes in, ensuring that no matter where your polybags end up, they won’t damage the environment. At the end of the day, our biodegradable polybags are an investment in clean energy.


At The Unique Group, we aim to cultivate innovative and sustainable solutions in the fight to reduce plastic packaging. We are increasing our focus on green packaging solutions and sharing our discoveries widely. By increasing our product portfolio offering in this category, we hope to reach more audiences for conscious packaging, in order to have a more significant impact on the environment. Contact us if you are interested in know more about our new biodegrabale polybag or any other of our sustainable solutions.