Corrugated Containers—Unique Ways of Packing Success for Your Business

custom corrugated containersAs manufacturing continues to grow in all regions of the world, the demand for corrugated boxes will grow with it. In 2007, the demand for corrugated containers was 167 billion square meters. Fast forward to today and the forecast for 2017 is estimated to be 234 billion square meters. The large majority of that demand is in the food and beverage sector.

This shows that corrugated containers are continuing to play a significant role as packaging boxes, shipping boxes, and storage boxes and containers. What’s been an increasingly popular use for these containers is as in-store display boxes for a brand’s products. We discuss several other benefits below.

Customized Corrugated Containers Promote Your Brand

For any business, the opportunity to promote your brand is near the top of your goals at all times. Small businesses, in particular, relish the opportunity to better familiarize consumers with their brand. They recognize that familiarity leads to more sales. With customized corrugated containers, businesses can elevate their brand promotion by having their logo included right onto the outside of the boxes. Not only will these logos be visible during transport and stocking, but they can be placed on the shelves of retailers and left for display. That means customers will constantly be engaging with these products even as they are searching the store for other items.

Environmentally Friendly Corrugated Boxes

Plastic packaging, including reusable plastic shipping crates, is probably the stiffest competitors of corrugated boxes when it comes to eco-friendly shipping supplies. Where corrugated boxes come out on top, however, is the fact that they are a renewable resource. This means they take much less of a toll on the environment than their plastic counterparts. Environmentally friendly corrugated boxes are also a win because more and more consumers are demanding their brands be more aware of their footprint on the environment.

Corrugated Containers Are Cost-Efficient

Because corrugated boxes are with eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable containers, they are considered one of the most cost effective packaging solutions. In addition to these traits, corrugated boxes are also sturdy and durable. They will protect your products from being damaged during transport which can be seen as another indirect means of saving on costs.

There are so many advantages to using corrugated boxes. On top of all that we have mentioned, there are also simple benefits such as ease of assembly, or the ability to withstand impact. Successful businesses recognize that it is these small details that give them the upper hand against their competitors.

The Unique Group understands the importance of details. We use our decades of experience providing packaging and labelling solutions with some of the most recognized brands in Canada to help companies reach their full potential. We’re confident we can find packaging solutions to help your company do the same.

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