Labels and Accessories to Highlight Your Denim Brand

When operating in an industry valued at approximately $60.0 billion, you know right away there’s heavy competition. That’s precisely what you’re up against in the global denim jeans market. With that said, you have to take any opportunity possible to familiarize consumers with your brand. This makes labelling your denim brands more important than ever.

Though custom leather patches and buttons are the most popular ways of denim branding, there are other means of labelling worth consideration. For today’s clothing labels, brand promotion is too vital to the success of your business not to at least consider every measure. We’ll discuss ways in which custom labels and accessories play a role in making this possible.

Labelling Options for the Denim Industry

At The Unique Group, there are a number of labelling options for denim brands.

Duraprint Labels

What’s great about our Duraprint for labelling is that it contains temperature-resistant features that make it ideal for a wide selection of durable print applications, including denim. Duraprint is crack- and tear-resistant, and its flexibility allows for high-quality print definition. We use high-quality ink that is capable of reproducing all types of colours, shapes, and patterns.

Durable Heat-Transfer Labels

Durable heat-transfer (DHT) labels use ink that bonds directly into the fibre. This allows the ink to become part of the denim fabric, essentially taking on the same characteristic as the material. So, as you wash your denim jeans, the DHT doesn’t crack, fade, or tear; it actually becomes further embedded into the denim making the print indistinguishable from the jeans themselves. The ultimate benefit as it relates to branding is that DHT labels are capable of incorporating fine detail.

Pocket Flasher Labels

Pocket flashers are an amazing way to brand your denim. They take branding a step further than leather patches and can contain intricate designs and themes. When incorporating pocket flashers attached to the denim, it’s important that it fits seamlessly with the rest of the design elements. Sometimes a pocket flasher can be more intriguing than the denim itself and they work really well in retail stores.

Custom Woven Labels

There are a wide variety of custom woven labels that can be embedded into your denim jeans. Woven labels typically contain the company logo but can also include other valuable information for the customer. At The Unique Group, we use a combination of laser cutting, embossing, and adhesive applications for our custom woven labelling. Choose from satin, damask, taffeta, or a number of other material options including polyester and cotton.


Dynamic hangtags and joker tags are a powerful branding tool for your denim apparel. In addition to communicating information to your customer, hangtags are a cost-effective means of adding to the style and design aspect of your clothing. They are also a very popular when it comes to denim products. The Unique Group offers a variety of paper quality, thickness, shapes, and print techniques.

Accessories for the Denim Industry

Leather Patches for Denim

Nothing is more classic on a pair of denim jeans than the iconic custom leather patch on the back. The patch is ideal for branding your clothing label. Customers putting on a pair of jeans or seeing a pair of jeans for the first time gravitate towards the leather patch. It’s where they familiarize themselves with the brand and confirm the authenticity of the jeans. At The Unique Group, we consider the patch to be a fashion statement, and you can bet your customers feel the same way.

Metal Buttons for Jeans

Our collection of custom metal findings means you have several options when it comes to branding. Metal buttons for jeans are just one of these options that give your brand the opportunity to show customers the attention to detail you put into your product. Snaps and rivets are also part of our offering that can be optimized for branding.

Clothing Size Stickers

Size stickers are such simple things but are also so important. Size sticker labels quickly let customers know the size of the pair of denim jeans they’re about to try on. It can be as simple as an actual size—such as small, medium, or large—or can contain numbers for more precise sizing. Stickers have the unique advantage that customers can see the size when the product is folded in retail stores.

Enhance Your Denim Brand with The Unique Group

The Unique Group is focused on our denim offerings. We provide labelling products that allow our clients to brand their clothing labels in a way that stands out from the pack. We think outside of the box (literally) with our unique and original packaging to ensure your brand is noticed from Toronto to Tokyo.

For more about our denim offerings, contact us today.


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