The 5 Top Packaging Trends for 2018

The New Year is an excellent opportunity for your brand to take on a fresher look. As consumers’ consumption patterns shift, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. Here is a look at the 5 top packaging trends for 2018.


Minitel, the renowned marketing intelligence agency releases a report on packaging trends annually. One of this year’s top trends is minimalism according to the report. “Clear and succinct package messaging will be rewarded as consumers prefer brands that embrace minimalism,” says the report.

Minimalist designs are popular because they don’t bombard the consumer with too many colours, designs or information. When consumers are confused or overstimulated they are not likely to purchase your product, so embracing minimalism has many advantages. Creating minimalist packaging is also in line with catering to the preferences of millennials , as millennials as a cohort are generally drawn to minimalist designs. When you think of minimalism, black and white packaging, and simple shapes likely come to mind, but minimalist designs don’t need to be boring. You can still play with colour when creating a minimalist design. Here are some excellent minimalist designs below.

These pill packages from Abacus Energy come in bright, colorful designs but feature very few graphic elements and a minimal amount of text. The result is a clean, but eye-catching design. (Source: Abacus Energy Pills)

Another easy way to achieve a minimalist design is by using a simple pattern like the marble pattern seen below. The result is elegant.  (Source: MAST Brothers chocolate bars)

2. Environmentally-friendly packaging

Consumers are increasingly becoming educated on the importance of conserving the environment, and prefer packaging that is eco-friendly. Environmentally friendly packaging can help reduce waste, make your packaging more compact and attract new consumers to your brand. According to Mintel report, 50% of U.S. grocery shoppers agree that the right packaging can help reduce food waste, and around the globe consumers want to eliminate waste of all kinds.

There are many ways you can make your packaging more environmentally friendly, from using biodegradable plastics to using recyclable materials such as paper and glass. For more on making your packaging environmentally-friendly, see our blog post – Do you care? Climate change & Eco-friendly Packaging

3.  E-commerce-friendly packaging

E-commerce continues to grow in popularity with consumers worldwide because online shopping gives many consumer access to items they may not be able to get in store. The growth of e-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay have made online shopping easier than ever in 2018. In fact, e-commerce sales are projected to reach $4 trillion globally by 2020, according to eMarketer.

E-commerce packaging has different requirements than in-store packaging due to shipping restrictions and various international laws, so its important that all of the packaging you produce in 2018 is e-commerce friendly. Certain online retailers like Amazon actually give preference to brands that create packaging that fits their guidelines.

4. Large Text

An easy way to create emphasis on information is to emphasize the size of that text. By playing with large text, your packaging becomes more eye-catching. Check out the ways brands have played with large text to make jokes and share important messaging below.

This limited edition packaging by Adidas features the words Limited Edition in large font, emphasizing that the packaging is rare. (Source: Adidas/ the World of Packaging)

5. Photo-centric Packaging

While graphics and patterns are fun, nothing elicits emotion like a strong photograph. By making an image the central focus of your packaging, you form a clean composition that is visually appealing. Clothing and beauty retailers stand to benefit from including photographic images on their boxes by featuring the image of athletes and models.

In 2018, it is more important than ever to create packaging that is e-commerce friendly and eco-friendly. Consumers’ choices will continue to grow this year — they are no longer limited by the products offered at their local store, so make sure you secure brand loyalty and the favour of online retailer’s by following the packaging tips above.



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