Patterns: Powerful Packaging Tools

Patterns are powerful packaging elements. A simple graphic can make an ordinary everyday object look extraordinary. Take for instance this unique restaurant bag below.

Brown paper bags are found everywhere. They’re generic and don’t really stand out. However, by adding a black interlocking graphic pattern, this bag went from bland to beautiful. Patterns are a simple way to make your company’s messaging stand out as illustrated by this Mexican restaurant’s paper bag design.

The colours, patterns, shapes, and fonts on your packaging are ultimately an extension of your brand’s message. For example, elegant lace packaging illustrates luxury and femininity; whereas a bold stripe pattern illustrates your brand’s youthfulness.

Patterns are versatile

Patterns don’t have to be used all over the packaging. Instead, you can use a strip of pattern to make sure certain text stands out.

Popular pattern designs

Black and white geometric patterns

These geometric patterns are popular with organic soap companies, craft breweries, and cosmetic companies because they have a rustic and charming aesthetic.

Lace packaging

Lace patterns are feminine and luxurious, especially black lace patterns. Lace patterns are often used to enhance packaging for lingerie, luxury goods or beauty products.revlon

The packaging for this eau de parfum features a simple circular background pattern graphic overlaid by a flower pattern to give this box an opulent look. Similarly, the cosmetic company Revlon used this pattern for a luxe special edition of their brushes. For this design the company paired up with the fashion house Marchesa to create a pattern similar to those on its runway designer clothes. This brilliant design brought high fashion to the masses and the packaging won a 2015 USDA America Package Design award.


3D Patterns

 3D printers and advances in laser printing have made creating dynamic packaging cheaper than ever. 3D prints can be playful, but also sophisticated, as illustrated by the Alexander McQueen perfume bottle packaging below.


3D textured patterns

Adidas paired up with the creative agency Colt to create premium 3D packaging for the launch of its zero energy hoodie. The pyramid foam panels used for its special launch are striking. These premium items went on to be popular sellers.


Artistic painted patterns

Patterns aren’t just about stripes and geometric shapes. They can also take the form of artistic images like the gorgeous packaging seen below for this gourmet chocolate bar. The wrapping resembles wrapping paper — almost too beautiful to open. The golden overlay gives the pattern an air of elegance as well. When using pattern packaging, try to pair the pattern with another simple element.

Patterns are a simple but powerful way to transform your packaging and advancements in graphic design have made making patterns more affordable and more captivating. The above list is not all-encompassing, but using any of the above packaging trends is sure to set your packaging above the rest of the cut.

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