Social Media-friendly Storefront Makeovers

Engaging With Consumers Offline to Create Online Brand Loyalty

Many brands have improved their digital brand awareness with robust social media strategies — it’s just as crucial to refresh your in-store design strategy for this new digital era.

Retailers need to prioritize designing Instagram-friendly spaces that encourage shoppers to make purchases and elevate their brand’s digital identity. Here’s why. Consumers no longer have a linear purchase path – their decisions are guided by a multitude of factors online and offline – from researching the stunning dress their friend posted on Instagram – to the beautiful luxury shoes featured in a company’s e-newsletter. Thus, it’s important to have an in-store aesthetic that will pique the interest of digital consumers. Retailers that can motivate shoppers to share pictures of their store online can benefit from an increase in brand awareness, brand loyalty, consumer advocacy, and sales.

The popular candies store Sugarfina can be seen as a case study on the power of an Instagram-friendly home. The brand created an ornate wall filled with stunning rose flowers that drew customers to the store and encouraged new customers to visit the store’s legendary flower wall. The brand’s co-founder, Rosie O’Neil estimates that 20% of the stores Instagram photos feature the alluring flower wall.

Below are top pointers on how to leverage an-instore makeover to drive digital leads.

Leverage your clients’ data to create a picture perfect store that captures your audience’s attention: A rose-filled wall worked well for Sugarfina, but that may not be the best strategy for your consumers, so take some time to research consumer’s in-store needs, preferences and general perception of your brand.

Encourage your consumers to become online brand advocates: Most consumers make purchases based on recommendations from friends or family. In 2018, word of mouth recommendations still impact consumers’ purchases, but the medium of how we provide recommendations has evolved – online recommendations from a consumer’s social network are powerful.  Mobilize your existing clients to advocate for your brand online – either through featuring their images of your brand online or for offering them discount codes or small gifts for posting pictures of your brand and store.

Get your employees on board:  Encourage your employees to act as digital brand advocates by encouraging them to post approved pictures of the store and your products online. Your employees have a wealth of knowledge on your catalog of products – encourage them to act as digital ambassadors online – and incentivize them to generate online sales through an employee affiliate e-commerce platform.

Deeper Engagement Drives Better Results

Designing a social media-friendly store experience isn’t a fluffy marketing scheme it’s proven to deepen consumer engagement.

The prominent Canadian designer Roots recently launched a beautifully designed interactive store in Boston. Since it was the retailer’s first foray into this market – Roots knew they needed to weave a unique and compelling sensory experience that conveyed its brand’s story. Most of the Roots store featured vignettes and cute for the company’s key products. These artfully crafted displays have captured customer’s attention and aided brand awareness.

“It represents an exciting moment for the brand, as we facilitate deeper consumer engagement with our story.”

says the CEO and President of Roots, Jim Gabriel. This year, make a mark with a new consumer base and deepen your relationship with your clientele like Roots has with a social media friendly store makeover

Dolce & Gabbana Instagram-ready store targeting Millennials in New York’s Soho neighborhood.