Packaging that Packs a Positive Message

Packaging that Packs a Positive Message

Packaging with a purpose is a tangible way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibily (CSR). Research shows that CSR is no longer just a goodwill gesture – it has tangible business benefits. In February 2018, Lay’s launched a special edition of potato chip packaging that featured sunny smiles. The unique packaging was designed for the “Smile with Lay’s” campaign, and for every purchase of chips, the company donated to the charity Operation Smile. The interactive campaign received high praise from both the industry and consumers. Here’s why your band should consider packaging with a message too.

 ‘Smile With Lay’s’: A Case Study on Packaging 
PepsiCo’s ‘Smile With Lay’s’ unique packaging campaign features a diverse range of 40 different friendly smiles. However, the campaign also invited people to create their own packaging online that featured a picture of their very own smiles! By making the campaign interactive and personalized, the campaign gained even more momentum both online and offline. Fans supported the campaign on social media using the hashtag #SmileWithLays, and ultimately the campaign was successful—from Feb. 12 to April 7, 2018, the campaign raised 1 million for Operation Smile.

“By engaging with our fans to play a significant role in supporting Operation Smile, we are creating an inclusive and empowering environment for consumers to celebrate the power of a smile—while at the same time giving a forever smile to children in need,” said Sarah Guzman, senior director of marketing, Lay’s in an interview with Packaging Digest.

Philanthropic Packaging: The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility

Improved brand and product sentiment: Corporate Social Responsibility acts, such as promoting good social initiatives can impact not just how customers perceive a company, but also its products. Research from a marketing professor, Alexander Chernev of Northwestern Kellogg found that clients perceived products from ethically-behaving companies as better-performing than products from companies less-known for their ethical activities. “The increase in positive perception is not based on advertising. Consumers actually experience the product in a different way,” said Chernev in an interview with KelloggInsight.

Improved investor relations: Similarly, research by North Western University found that when a company invests in corporate social responsibility, it signals to investors that the overall health of the company is good. In short investing big in CSR pays off. According to KelloggInsights, “Companies whose CSR spending exceeds investor expectations experience positive stock returns.”

Enhanced innovation: Corporate Social Responsibility often requires thinking outside of the box to pursue both social good and business goals. As the Lay’s case study illustrates, consumers reward innovative thinking. Forward-thinking allows your company to be an industry trailblazer.

Greater Social Visibility: It is very rare that a brand goes viral for an advertisement  simply about its company. However, stories of humanity, stories of loss, family, and overcoming obstacles strike a chord with viewers. Human-centric narratives resonate with people and have the power to propel your brand to stardom. Think of stories, such as the Dove Real Beauty Campaign, which received more than 100 million views in its first month, or The Empathy Effect movement – the viral social movement which encourages people to practice one act of empathy a day.

From the “Smile With Lay’s” campaign to the Dove Real Beauty campaign companies around the globe are demonstrating that investing in the social good is a sound investment. Expand your company’s corporate social responsibility profile and portfolio today by creating socially responsible packaging that packs a powerful message.