The Robots are Coming: The Rise of Robots in Packaging

Robots have received a bad reputation in the past. Many Hollywood films portray robots as cunning steel creatures plotting to take over the planet. Whereas science fiction stories have portrayed robots as bizarre machines prone to malfunctions.

However, robotic technologies have advanced remarkably in recent years. Robots have evolved from machines that can perform one task to self-driving cars that can drive humans home safely in a storm. Now, there is a new wave of robots coming that can collaborate with humans in the workplace. These collaborative robots, called cobots are impacting the packaging industry tremendously.

According to a MarketsandMarkets research report, the collaborative robots market was worth 176.7 million in 2016. That number is poised to grow significantly to 4.28 billion in 2023. Robots play a vital role in automating processes that once only humans could do. Using robotics can reduce hazardous and tedious manual labor, and speed up the packaging process. And as robotic technology gets cheaper and smarter, the packaging process will improve for retailers too. Here is an overview of the primary ways robots are revolutionizing the robotics industry.

Precision and accuracy: Packaging robots are expertly crafted to conduct activities with efficiency as they have slim arms and precise tooling capabilities. They’re also often equipped with cameras that allow them to accurately pick up and move objects anywhere within reach. These robots can also visually inspect packages and pick out defective objectives.


Support and safety for human workers: Conducting repetitive tasks can have ergonomic hazards for humans; while other packaging tasks may involve dangerous equipment. That’s why robots play a crucial role in supporting factory workers. These robots also help bridge the labor shortage gap occurring around the globe as more baby boomers retire. In the absence of human employees, they can perform tedious tasks quickly. But beyond helping with a shortage of employees, robots can perform tedious tasks quickly, giving human workers extra time to complete more valuable tasks.

Data capture: Robots are starting to gather data and report important metrics to manufacturers in real-time. Having this data enables companies to more informed production decisions.

The Future of Robots and Packaging

Overall, the robotics industry is poised for more growth as industry acceptance of robotics in the workplace grows. Manufacturers are also beginning to see a clear return on investing in these new robotic technologies. The robots are coming, and they’re going to revolutionize the speed and precision of your packaging.

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