Packaging Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

Each year, company execs establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for their brand. If you’re setting your plans for the new year, it’s critical that you take a look at how improving your packaging can help you meet and exceed your KPIs. Whether this year’s goal is to increase sales by 10% or improve brand awareness by 15%, good packaging can help you drive strong business results. In order to successfully drive leads, it’s important that your company is informed of best packaging practices. We’ve boiled down the top packaging trends for 2019 to help you drive leads in 2019.

Minimalism or Simplicity

The phrase “less is more” is a timeless piece of advice that can be applied when creating packaging designs. In 2019, the push towards clean and minimalist designs is stronger than ever. Minimalist packaging focuses on typography and bold colors allowing your messaging to shine, rather than be lost among too many design elements. This packaging trend is being embraced by sleek and hip brands such as Pepsi, Apple, and Nike.

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Nude and Neutral Palettes

Many brands are pivoting their visual identity towards simpler designs and colors. Nude colors are making a bold splash in 2019. Colors from nude palettes are seen as warm, approachable, soft and playful. Colors such as warm browns, rosy pinks, and soft beige often illicit positive emotions. Nude, sepia and pastel palettes pair beautifully with clean, white labels. For example, this Aloha Love bottle’s beige label below pairs soft rose tones and mellow yellows with a beige label.

p6    nude

p2Likewise, these candy colors featured on Malmö Chokladfabrik’s chocolate packaging pair beautifully with chic neutral tones.








2D Illustration or Flat illustration

2D illustration laid the ground root for modern graphic design. While some may associate 2D illustration with design trends of the past. 2D images bring unique design elements to the table – flat and simple shapes can help make colors stand out and make the text more readable. In short, incorporating 2D illustration into your packaging can make your designs more crisp and clean.


Innovative Shapes / Stand Out Designs

Most packaging comes in relatively standard squares, rectangles or oval shapes. However, consumers praise packaging that is bold and highly functional. This year, consider how your packaging can be an extension of your product’s functionality. For example, if you’re a clothing brand, could your packaging double as hanger or garment bag? Or could the plastic from your packaging be used for another useful household good? This reusable book packaging featured below doubles as a plant holder.


In addition to the trends mentioned above, these 2019 packaging trends are gaining traction:


When seen on packaging, doodles can turn a product into a fun universe that was born from someone’s imagination and shared with the world. (Source: 99designs)


Vintage imagery

Vintage sells first of all because it conveys authenticity. And this is reflected in both the look but also the feel of the products. (Source: 99designs)


Vibrant gradients

Gradients offer packaging designers the possibility to create something that feels fresh and new by blending colors, resulting in something unique and revitalizing. (Source: 99designs)


Black and White Packaging

Black and white packaging  is an incredibly effective way to create separation between the elements of the design and to establish the relationship—or lack thereof—between them. (Source: 99designs)




8-bit packaging design

The constraints of 8-bit design are at the same time its strengths. The stripped down images full of pure color fields, hard edges and straight lines are both commanding and accessible to customers. It’s a simple way to communicate an idea that might be complicated to illustrate through other art forms—or to add an ironic nod to the past to a product. (Source: 99designs)


Plastic-free packaging

As a response, every year we see more and more advances being made in the science behind the materials that are being used for packaging. From algae based plastics to see-through hemp wrap and mushroom styrofoam, we are seeing real alternatives to plastic being created that should lead to a more efficient and sustainable future.(Source: 99designs)


From minimalism to nude colour palettes, use these new packaging design trends as inspiration to improve your branding in 2019.