Retail Packaging Trends to Enhance Your Brand

retail packaging The retail market has been in a state of upheaval for the past decade, and businesses should be prepared to focus on accelerating change in the upcoming year. Retail market trends were on an upward climb at the end of 2016, which made for a prosperous Christmas for everyone. However, there are some anticipated rising costs that retailers will have to counter in 2017, including rising staff costs, increases in fuel and commodity prices, and rises in pension costs. With the predicted retail industry trends for the upcoming year, retailers will need to sharpen their competitive edge to be successful in this economic climate.

Latest Retail Packaging Trends

Keeping up with retail packaging trends is one way that businesses cam keep themselves in the competition. Packaging has a lot do to with a product’s appeal—even if a customer didn’t set out to buy something or hasn’t even heard of a particular product, doesn’t mean that they can’t be swayed by its shelf appeal. Transparency is an upcoming retail product trend, in regards to the packaging and what’s inside the actual product. Packaging with less clutter and clear details on the ingredients can go a long way with consumers. This trend also includes clean labelling and a view of the product inside. Another trend that’s becoming popular is the old-fashioned, handcrafted look. You’ll notice that calligraphy, letterpress, and foiling are making their way back onto the packages of certain products. Reviving an old trend isn’t a new tactic—you’ve probably seen this done time and time again with fast fashion trends.

Retail Boxes & Bags

Since retail packaging has a lot of pull when it comes to consumer’s decisions, custom retail boxes are a great way to add a competitive edge to your product. Retail boxes and bags that are specially designed for your brand and product can make a huge difference in a crowded marketplace—they can set your product apart from the sea of other, similar items. Custom retail packaging allows for creativity, and most retail box wholesalers will allow you to customize pretty much everything from the shape, material, size, and details. Retail packaging supplies for custom boxes and bags range from plastic, paper, kraft paper, wood, and eco-friendly materials. Depending on your specific product, you’ll be able to design the ideal retail box or bag with this customizable option.

Ribbon & Bows

Adding custom retail packaging supplies and embellishments like ribbons and bows to your products packaging can add an aura of luxury to your item, and make it stand out even more. To battle the harsh economic climate and drive sales, it’s important to show customers that you care about their shopping experience—the more appreciated they feel, they more loyal they’ll become to your brand. Adding a cute detail like a bow to your retail item is the perfect way to achieve this. Most retail ribbon suppliers offer a variety of fabrics and finishes, which will allow you to design the perfect embellishment for your product.

The Unique Group uses high-tech processes, including foil, screen, rotary printing, and more, to create unique packaging for your brand. When you select us to help develop packaging solutions for your products, you’ll be able to customize everything from the fabric, print, and design. Contact us today to take your brand to the next level!