Damask Clothing Labels: High-Density Fabric Labels for Your Garment Brand

What Is Damask Fabric?

Damask is a reversible Jacquard-patterned fabric that is made of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibres that gets its firm and shiny pattern from weaving. Often used to customize garment labels, damask has a thinner thread than most other woven fabric labels—the thinner the thread, the higher the quality. The long floats of satin-woven warp and weft threads cause soft highlights on the fabric which reflect light differently according to the position of the observer.

One of the most notable characteristics of damask fabric labels are the intricate details, like signatures or small text, made possible by the extremely thin thread. Although wholesale damask fabric labels can be a little more expensive than other options, the damask fabric that we offer at The Unique Group can make your retail product stand out online or in store.

Why Should You Choose Damask Fabric for Your Label?

High Density
Damask fabric labels are high density, which means they not only feel like high quality, they are high quality. The durable weave of the damask fabric makes for a high-density label that adds a feel of luxury to your product. They’re usually chosen to accompany mid- to high-end garments because of their versatility and high-quality feel; the popularity of this fabric in the fashion industry wasn’t just a coincidence.

Good Finish
If you’re looking for a label fabric with good finishing, look no further. Since damask fabric labels are made with fine thread, they’re not only incredibly durable, but they’re aesthetically pleasing as well. The tightly woven, reversible fabric often has sheeny finish, thanks to its weft threads. The beautiful damask patterns that many admire are credited to the sheen of the fabric—the reflection of light often create the patterns that we see in the woven fabric. Some designers even choose to ramp up this reflection by using metallic threads, like silver and gold.

In addition to its durability and luxurious look, damask clothing labels are also a skin-friendly labelling option. You can complement your garment brand with a luxurious damask clothing label that will not only be comfortable against your customer’s skin but can also represent your brand’s logo. Damask fabric is so comfortable, in fact, that it’s even become a popular technique when making bed sheets—what could be better than sleeping on a silky-smooth damask sheet?

The Unique Group offers a wide array of garment label solutions. Whether you’re interested in a damask fabric label or another type of woven or printed label for your product, we’ve got the label for you. Using state of the art technology and high quality materials, you can be sure that your product will stand out when you choose us for your labelling and packaging solutions. For more information, feel free to contact us.