How to Make Custom Hangtags that Are Beneficial for Your Brand

Hangtags are a popular choice when it comes to selecting tags for clothing because of their versatility. Custom hangtags allow you to customize everything from the layout to choosing the types of font and information you’d like on them. Businesses are able to use hangtags to build their brand and to engage consumers; tags are often the first thing that people look at after finding an article of clothing they’re interested in. Even if the price is above their budget, an attractive and high-quality hangtag might be able to sway their decision—a hangtag acts a representation of the brand, and customers can equate a high-quality label with a high-quality product. There are many advantages to using hangtags but only if you design them appropriately. Follow these tips to make sure you take full advantage for your wholesale custom hangtags!

Hangtag Marketing Strategies

Build Brand Recognition

When aiming to building your brand, it’s important to insert your logo everywhere you can. This is a general rule that is always applicable. The more people recognize you brand, the more chance it has of becoming popular and mainstream. Think about making your logo and brand name the centre of attention of your hangtag. Product information is important too, but inserting your overall brand sometimes takes precedent.

Detailed Product Specifications

Custom hangtags for clothing, or any other product for that matter, should have room for detailed information about the item. Include information about what sets your product apart from the competitions. You can include information like materials and any special care instructions on your hangtag. You can also include important information about your brand.

Add Price Discount Information

Hangtags can be a great marketing tool and can be used to drive sales. A lot of hangtags have a price sticker on the back of the tag, so that customers can see pricing information. Adding price discount information on your product’s hangtag can grab the attention, especially if you make the numbers large and easy to see.

Hangtag Design Tips

Use Quality Material

The type of material you select for your hangtag will likely vary on your product and the type of aesthetic you’re going for, but one thing is certain: you want to make sure that it looks and feels like high quality. Since your tag is a representation of your overall brand, you’ll want it to portray the best image possible. Make sure to indicate if your hangtag will have a seal and string, as these kinds of details are relevant and can add value to your product.

Choosing the Right Font and Colours

The font and colours that you select for your hangtag will depend on the design ideas you have in mind. While it’s good to get creative and create an eye-catching design, try to limit your tag to no more than three colours to keep things simple yet stylish, and remember to keep your design consistent with your brand. If you’ve opted for a slightly larger tag, you may also opt for images to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

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