Packaging Trends for 2017 That Will Drive the Market

packaging trendsThe power of packaging is almost omnipresent. That is to say that whether consumers are always consciously aware of packaging or not, its effect on their purchasing habits is still real. This will only become amplified as the 2017 global packaging industry in continues to expand into new and innovative territories.

Predictions for the coming year show that smart packaging, which is a term in reference to the consumer’s experience with the brand through its packaging, is part of the packaging trends that will dominate the coming year. Businesses will have to recognize the significant influence packaging has on customers and make adjustments according to the trends that are bound for 2017.

Packaging Is Getting More Active and Intelligent

Consumers are drawn to packaging that is interactive. Take for instance packaging for food and beverages: consumers are more likely to choose products with clear or see-through packaging because it allows them to view the product before buying it. In terms of intelligent packaging, it was only a matter of time before that became a real thing. According to Mintel, the research firm that did studies on packaging design trends for 2017, scanning the product’s packaging to find out information about its freshness is something about half of the U.S. consumers would be interested in. Another possibility that’s already been put into play is a digital dot on the packaging that changes colour in accordance with the freshness of the food item.

Packaging has already gotten a lot smarter, especially with the use of RFID codes to track the product in stores and during delivery.

These are just a couple of the ways in which technology will continue to penetrate the packaging market and allow packaging to play a more active role for consumers.

3D Printed Packaging Design Trends

The reality of 3D printing is already happening. Maybe not yet in the packaging industry, but experts predict the 3D printing industry to balloon to US$26.0 billion by 2019. With 3D printing already making its mark in fashion, architecture, and even within the health industry, it won’t be too long before 3D packaging design becomes a real thing. Can you imagine seeing rows of layered packaging on store shelves and taking them home to place in your own shelf? The future is here, so you should watch out for this trend to take shape much sooner than you may have thought possible.

Reliable and Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendliness is a trend that is already in full swing, but you can expect it to be ramped up even more in 2017. This is a trend that is directly tied to consumer demand. Not only do consumers today expect reliable packaging, many of them demand eco-friendly packaging as well. This is a trend you need to jump on right away. Concern for the environment is becoming a priority not just for consumers but by governments in countries all over the world as well. Eco-friendly packaging doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be made of recyclable or bio-degradable materials, it could also mean that package is reusable for the customer.

Packaging for Online Purchases

Many online retailers are falling short when it comes to providing their consumers with an engaging packaging experience. As more and more brands are shifting to online platforms and away from physical store locations, the need to impress consumers with packaging for online products is becoming more and more important. Therefore, finding ways to improve the at-home experience through smart and creative packaging designs will be at the forefront in 2017.

Stay on Trend with The Unique Group

Though it’s a challenge to accurately predict what trends will really take form in the coming year, you can assume that these three are solid bets. The eco-friendly packaging movement is already happening, and intelligent packaging is right on the cusp of becoming mainstream.

If there is an overall message behind all these trends, it is that consumers today are expecting more of an experience with their packaging than those from previous generations. Businesses today need to recognize this reality and create the experience consumers are looking for.

The Unique Group is prepared to help make that happen. We know how to optimize your packaging to create the desired reaction from your customers. From eco-friendly packaging supplies to flexible packaging, let The Unique Group guide your packaging efforts through 2017. You can view our portfolio online or contact The Unique Group today. Plus, you can stay updated on our products by following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


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