Holographic Packaging: Make a Move to Smart Packaging

holographic packagingHolographic packaging is the next revolutionary smart packaging solution. From product security solutions to attractive packaging, this intelligent packaging option offers a variety of benefits. Flexible holographic packaging can be used to enclose virtually anything and is an incredibly versatile packaging option. Keep on reading to find out more about holographic packaging, and how it can benefit you.

How Holographic Packaging Works

Holographic technology allows 3D effects or images to be displayed. The 3D holographic effect can be achieved by metalizing the substrate`s surface with a thin layer of aluminium and then embossing the holographic patterns onto its surface. The aluminum diffracts the light, resulting in a 3D appearance and different colors. This is the most common method, but print providers often have their own process that involve special inks. Holographic films can be used for a variety different packaging options such as gift wraps, lamination and stunning marketing stickers because the elegant aesthetic gives off a high-quality feel. Both translucent and opaque inks can be used together to further increase brand awareness and create eye-catching designs

Today, packaging manufacturers use laminating, printing, and die cutting technology to greatly enhance the look and feel of a product’s packaging. Holographic packaging is inherently unique and customizable because the designs are rather difficult to reproduce. But when they are produced the effects are striking. Many people opt to use holographic packaging for their products for their aesthetic appeal, although they have other benefits as well.

Holographic Packaging Protects Products against the Threat of Counterfeiters

The production of counterfeit items has become a prevalent issue, which can be extremely dangerous when it comes to pharmaceutical products. Fortunately, smart packaging solutions have helped decrease the success of such items. Many major drug companies depend on holographic labels, seals, hot-stamped patches, and blister-pack foils to protect the integrity of their products. As these products security solutions become more complex to meet the needs of companies, different technology is developed. Track and trace packaging technology is one example—it allows users to know where their products has been, where it is, and where it’s going. This anti-counterfeit technology may seem a little extreme, but for industries like the FDA, where it’s important to note a product’s origin, its imperative.

Creative Holograms Captures Customer Attention and Influences Buying Decisions

In addition to their protection against counterfeit products, holographic packaging films also offer an attractive package for consumers. Holographic packaging not only adds shine, but movement and visual dimension as well. Designers have the opportunity to get creative with their holographic packaging designs and improve a product’s shelf impact. When an item is placed among a sea of similar items, aesthetically pleasing packaging is one way to influence the consumer buying decision process. A versatile packaging option, holographic designs can range from glitzy and glamorous to subtle and sophisticated, making it the ideal choice for many.

Since first being used in the early 1980s, holographic packaging has constantly been evolving. It is arguably one of the most popular and effective ways to market a product in a retail environment. Holographic packaging can be customized to create a one-of-a-kind brand experience and as technology improves, this form of packaging will likely continue to be an in-demand packaging solution.

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