The Benefits of Custom Printed Labels

custom printed clothing labelsThe importance of a clothing label cannot be understated—it’s the first look that many consumers get of your brand, and you want to make sure that it leaves a lasting impression. An eye-catching, high-quality label can sway a first-time buyer and set you apart from the ocean of alternative brands. Printed labels offer a world of options when it comes to materials, design, and the amount of detail you can include. From logos to care instructions, you can choose what’s included on your custom printed label. In addition to the versatility, printed garment labels are a cheaper alternative to woven labels while having a similar aesthetic. An customizable and cost-effective option, printed labels for your clothing brand may be right for you!

Uses Of Printed Labels

Though often used for fast fashion, printed labels can be used for a variety of other products, including but not limited to pillows, linens, and duvets. Since printed labels for clothing can be produced in different materials like taffeta, satin, silk, polyester, or cotton, they’re the ideal option for a wide variety of products.

Printed Labels Are Non-irritating

Another benefit of custom clothing labels are their non-irritating properties. While the designer has the option to place them in a low-friction area, there are fabrics available that can prevent irritation if they wish to place then somewhere where they’d be more frequently in contact with your skin. Satin is generally a skin-friendly fabric label option, even during direct skin contact. Printed satin labels are a great choice for delicate pieces like lingerie, baby clothes, and any other piece where skin irritation is a main concern.

Custom Printed Labels Are Very Durable

Certain items require a durable clothing label, such as uniforms or heavy-duty pieces designed for work. In these cases, cotton would be a good choice since these custom printed clothing labels can be produced with screen print technology and thermosetting to make them boil- and chlorination-proof. Even durable labels can be designed with colourful company logos!

Printed Clothing Labels Are Ideal for Delicate Clothes

When designing a custom printed label for a delicate piece of clothing, you’ll want to choose an equally delicate label. A soft fabric like satin is an ideal option for lingerie, baby clothes, or even sportswear. Any article of clothing that’ll be in contact with your skin or have a higher than normal amount of friction would be best paired with a label that has a soft feel. However, when you print on a fabric like satin, there might be a slight decrease in clarity of the words and images. If an exceedingly high level of clarity is important to you, you may want to consider a printed satin over a printed cotton label.

When it comes to setting yourself apart with a unique and functional clothing label, The Unique Group is the company to help you make your creative vision come to life. Using the most innovative technologies to create high-quality products, you can trust us to provide you with a variety of options to customize your design. Contact us today to start designing your dream label!