Entertainment Packaging: Bringing the Big Screen Magic Home

Entertainment is big business because it captures the hearts and minds of both old and young.

As the Canadian-born actress, and producer Mary Pickford famously once said, “Make them laugh, make them cry, and hack to laughter. What do people go to the theatre for? An emotional exercise.”

In 2016 sales for licensed merchandise hit $262.9 billion according to the Hollywood Reporter. It is clear that movies connect with our hearts, so merchandisers have a duty to continue the onscreen magic of the movies offline through their entertainment themed products and packaging.

Here are key ways to make your entertainment packaging memorable and magical.

Entertainment Packaging Tips

Make it Interactive

There are several cost-effective ways to make your packaging interactive. Your packaging doesn’t need to light up and sing to be memorable either. For example, this innovative emoji design below won a bronze design award in 2015. The faces on this playful coffee cup change when you move the lid of the coffee cup. You can use this technique to create similar packaging that features different characters from a film when you move the packaging’s lid. This fun interactive design won a bronze award from Pentawards in 2015.

Make it memorable

Origami Packaging That Transforms Into a Character

Another popular interactive trend is origami packaging. Origami packaging transforms into a new shape when the product is open, a useful and environmentally-friendly design. For example, these snacks featured below turn into origami characters when consumed.

Take advantage of smartphones (and QR codes)

qr-code-art-packagingAccording to the 2017 global digital report, more than half of the world uses a smartphone. Smartphones are a fun and easy way to make your packaging more dynamic. Best of all this technology is relatively affordable. In fact, new iPhone cameras now automatically scan QR codes when you take a picture of the code, no app needed.

Use QR codes on your product’s packaging to bring your consumers to exclusive webpages. You can use these unique codes to incentivize buying your limited edition entertainment packaging. For example, scanning the QR code on your merchandise may bring users to a video link that showcases alternative endings to the film. Or perhaps it unlocks a discount to the film’s sequel. The possibilities are endless with QR codes.

Make it Useful

Origami is also a great way to make your packaging a functional tool such as clothes hanger, bowl or cup holder.

If you are creating a licensed t-shirt, consider making packaging that can be used as a limited edition hanger for the garment as illustrated below.

This t-shirt hanger below keeps the garment safe from damage and turns into a hanger in a few easy steps. You can use this technique to create a series of hangers with different special edition graphics from the film or television show you’re collaborating with.


Creating a unique experience through packaging

The great filmmaker Steven Spielberg once said, “The most amazing thing for me is that every single person who sees a movie…brings a whole set of unique experiences. ”

The movies are a unique experience for people, so your entertainment packaging should be exceptional too. To make your packaging memorable, make it interactive, smartphone-friendly and useful. In turn, this will drive brand awareness and loyalty.