How to Create Swoon-Worthy Valentine’s Day Packaging

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt,” – Charles M. Schulz.

Valentine’s Day is a lucrative time of the year for the chocolate industry, but it can also be big business for those in the clothing industry too if you can catch the eyes and hearts of consumers.

According to a 2016 survey by The National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics it is expected that U.S. adults will spend $4.45 billion on jewelry. Additionally, $2.02 billion will be spent on clothing and $1.99 billion on flowers.

Valentine’s Day is a critical sales season, as shoppers are primed to make purchases they normally wouldn’t. Beauty may be in the eye of a beholder, but it’s crucial make sure that the beauty of your packaging stands out. That’s why Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to create beautiful limited edition packaging.

Here are top tips for creating swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day packaging

Create packaging that resembles a shape: 92% of shoppers buy chocolate for Valentine’s Day, and 62% of them prefer seasonally shaped or wrapped chocolate. Creating a shape that reflects symbols closely related to the day, like a heart or the letter X or O connects with a buyer’s emotional cues, particularly if they were already thinking about buying something special for the holiday. That’s why Wrigley’s produced this heart-shaped Dove chocolate packaging. Using a similar heart-shaped design would work well for Valentine’s Day edition lingerie, cosmetics, socks, and t-shirts.


Create cute infographic designs. This limited-edition Coca-Cola packaging features two half of hands that create a heart when joined together. The fun design also features little heart patterns, a popular Valentine’s pattern.

Mix flirty colours like pink with a luxurious hue like gold or silver: This special Valentine’s Day Moet packaging pairs a pink box with hints of black and gold for a flirty but luxe look.


Here are key Valentine’s Day Packaging Trends for 2018:

  • Red and white packaging
  • Heart Shaped Packaging
  • Heart Patterns
  • Pink packaging
  • Glitter packaging

Once you’ve settled on the colour scheme for your special packaging, add details to your packaging that will win over hearts. It’s all about the details and what’s inside your packaging matters as much as the outside.

Here are simple ways to make your packaging pop:

Decadent tissue paper: By wrapping up your limited-edition Valentine’s product in tissue paper you turn it instantly into a gift. Tissue paper is an easy and inexpensive way to give your packaging a luxurious touch.

Crinkle paper: Crinkle paper is a whimsical way to make opening up packaging fun. It can help protect your product, and its crinkly texture gives your packaging a vibrant and youthful feel.

Ribbons: Ribbons are another luxurious detail that makes your packaging more inviting. For Valentine’s Day, tie up your packaging with a red or pink bow. Or pair your valentine’s day packaging with a black ribbon for a more sophisticated look as illustrated below.

Designer Lingerie Agent Provocateur’s luxurious and romantic packaging features black ribbon.


This year capture help consumers fall in love with your brand again by using whimsical and romantic packaging.

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