Spring Packaging Design Tips

The beloved actor Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” This spring bring new life into your brand by playing with pastel colours and creating limited-edition Easter designs for your products. Creating fresh spring packaging will help make your products a memorable part of people’s spring parties.

The Power of Pastels

Colour plays a powerful role in the consumer’s shopping journey because it can elicit certain emotions. For example, yellow is often associated with sunshine and can make you feel optimistic. Whereas green signifies new growth.

Soft pastel colours such as floral pinks, baby blues, and light, fluffy yellows are often associated with spring. Use spring colours in your packaging to help consumers fall in love with your vibrant brand.


Pro tip: Pair pastels with a neutral colour like grey or black for a gemtone like gold sophisticated finish. For example, this David’s Tea spring packaging seen below has a royal flair.

Pantone Fashion Colours

If you’re a fashion or apparel company, then you’re likely already familiar with the Pantone Fashion Colours of the year. Each year the color institute releases a report on the top colours to watch based on fashion week, and the 2018 report features several pastels such as:

PANTONE 15-1515 – Mellow Rose

PANTONE 15-3520 – Crocus Petal

PANTONE 12-0740 – Limelight


Floral Packaging (and other spring symbols)

Adding a spring motif like lush flowers or plants sprouting is an easy way to refresh your packaging for spring.

Other springtime symbols include:

  • Birds
  • Butterflies
  • Bees
  • Green foliage

This Häagen-Dazs packaging bursts with pops of colour and beautiful floral patterns.



Whereas this simple graphic of a butterfly makes these wine bottles look whimsical.

Beyond the Easter Bunny: Easter Packaging Ideas

Easter is a significant sales season for many confectionary companies, but other industries such as clothing and apparel stand to benefit from Easter-themed products as Easter is also a season of gift giving.

Traditional Easter packaging often features carrots, bunny rabbits, and eggs. Use these Easter motifs, but put a sophisticated twist on them as illustrated below.


This easter egg by Hotel Chocolat has an air of elegance with a jeweled facet design. Its 3-dimensional design is truly eye-catching.

Easter packaging also doesn’t have to be about eggs and bunny rabbits. Cater to adults with sophisticated Eater designs such as stain glass packaging. For example, this stain-glass packaging by Crown Holdings attracts the attention of both young and old with its LED lights.


Confectionary companies aren’t the only ones who can benefit from easter packaging. Nike’s limited-edition stained glass packaging for its Concepts x Nike SB Dunk High “Stained Glass” shoe was a huge hit and quickly became a collector’s item.