Brand Packaging: Stay Connected with Your Customers After Sales

custom product packaging for making a brandHave you ever tried to tell a story with pages missing? It’s not easy, and it leaves your readers confused and unsure about how the story goes. Well, that’s precisely what happens when you put out a product without considering all aspects of its branding, including its packaging. Branding is the process of telling your company’s story from beginning to end, and if you don’t take the time to fill in all the pages, then your story just doesn’t make sense to your consumers.

Custom product packaging is another opportunity to continue your branding. From the moment customers see the colours and the logo in the aisle or online, to when the item is purchased or delivered to their homes, the packaging plays a direct role in helping to push your story. And then even after that, even after a customer makes a purchase, the packaging is there to remind them of the decision they made and the connection they have to your company.

Brand Colour and Consistency

Before the customer sees the copy, they are initially taken by the colours of your product. It’s what catches their eye and initiates the connection. As a brand putting out a product, you must choose your colours wisely. They must be different from your competitors’ and have their own distinct patterns that alert consumers to the fact that this is your brand. The colours must also be consistent with your overall brand so your story stays intact.

Make the Logo Stand Out

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a really good logo. There are brands that live and die by their logos, and that’s because it’s the way that consumers identify with that brand. Logos can become iconic in the best cases, but even for a small business, a logo ties the consumer to that company and further reiterates the bond between brand and consumer. There are very few things that get to the heart of a company like a logo. Make sure you get it right.

Brand Has a Unique Voice

Just as important as telling the story is how you tell your story. How are you communicating your brand’s message to consumers? Are you engaging them at every stage? Is your message broad enough for the public but specific enough for your target consumer? There’s so much involved when it comes to creating your company’s voice, but overall it must be clear, it must reflect the values of your brand, and it must be engaging enough to attract your audience.

The Unique Group understands how all of this can be achieved through custom product packaging. From design to copy and everything else in between, we work with brands to ensure that their entire story remains consistent when it comes to packaging. To see some of our current packaging options, contact us today. Plus, you can stay updated on our products by following us on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn, and Pinterest.