Custom Clothing Labels—An Essential Element for Your Brand

custom-clothing-labelsIt seems like every time you look up, another clothing label has popped up out of thin air. But the fashion industry is unique in that it can better manage a heavy saturation of products because clothing is something everyone wears every day. Clothing is one of the best forms of self expression, and different tastes, different moods, and different brands can be blended to create a desired look.

So, what does that mean for your clothing label? It means you need to do whatever it takes to stand out. Of course, that means you must have a fresh perspective on fashion, but you also need to realize that a big part of the success of your label will be branding. An important part of branding is custom clothing labels.

If you are into fashion, you can most likely close your eyes and picture the labels of the iconic fashion brands. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, even Nike, have all have separated themselves from the pack and imprinted their designs on to the minds of people all over the world. While you may not ascend to those same heights, it is still very much possible to brand your own fashion label in a similar manner.


One of the variables that make clothing desirable is its durability. You want it to last, and that should be the same principle for your label. Custom woven labels are built to be durable. They are sewn on the inside of the garment and are a constant reminder to the customer of what they are wearing. Woven labels can withstand years of washing without distortion. They are a great option when you want your logo to be part of the design of the garment rather than just an afterthought.

Woven Labels Add Uniqueness to Your Brand

In fashion, you always want to make a statement. From the colours to the pattern to the materials you choose, everything makes the difference between standing out from or blending in with the other items on the rack. Custom woven labels are part of the design. They let customers know that your brand is the one on their bodies, and they can be a factor in customers deciding to purchase your brand over another.

Impressive Designs for Clothing Brands

There is a lot you can do with a label. Ideally, you would like your label to be representative of your brand identity. Reinforcing your brand through your label is one way to get customers more familiar with your product. But, this means your custom printed labels must be of high quality. In fashion, the little things can make a huge difference, and there too many brands that make customers feel as if they’re not getting their money’s worth. So, you must be even more judicious in ensuring that all aspects of your clothing design are on point.

The Unique Group is equipped to help with all of your custom label needs. We work with globally recognized brands and understand the importance of creating a label that distinctly reflects your clothing line. Learn more about our custom woven and printed labels by contacting us using our online contact form.