3 Product Packaging Mistakes Costing You Sales

custom packaging solutions Whether you are a novice business owner or seasoned veteran, you understand or will soon understand that every decision you make for your business affects sales. Picking product packaging is no different, and there are things you may be doing with your packaging that are negatively impacting your sales and you might not even know it.

Luckily, The Unique Group recognizes the power that custom packaging solutions can have on consumer behavior. We can help you identify potential flaws in your packaging that may be making customers think twice about taking a chance on your product.

Using the Wrong Materials in Product Packaging

Deciding on the material for your packaging may seem incidental, but it could be holding you back and costing you money. If your material is low quality, your product may not even make it to store shelves. And if it does happen to make it, it may quickly be passed over when consumers see that your product packaging is not up to their standards. Even with e-commerce sales, quality material still matters. You may get a customer to order once, but if they aren’t taken by the quality of your packaging, or worse, poor quality leads to some kind of damage, you’ll likely lose a customer.

Outdated Packaging Designs That Aren’t Delivering

Even the largest corporations in the world go through regular packaging changes. The thought process here is that no matter how great your product is, you never want your packaging to feel out of touch or outdated. But that’s precisely what happens when you don’t keep up with current trends and implement those trends in your packaging. We’re not suggesting a major overhaul, but enough of a change so your packaging looks fresh and your customers take notice.

Current Packaging Doesn’t Suit Your Market

There are a couple of different approaches you can take with this. You can create customized packaging that appeals to a mass audience or you can create packaging specific to the audience in your market. It depends a great deal on your product and your intent as a company. Creating mass-market packaging for a very niche product may not be the best idea. However, the best approach would be to do some testing and see how your market responds. Focus groups work well in these instances.

The key for any business is to not underestimate just how big a role product packaging plays in sales. Creating custom packaging solutions is something we at The Unique Group take a great deal of pride in. We work with both large and small corporations whose reputations are partly shaped by their packaging, and we deliver every time by producing the very best product.

We help small businesses as well, so if you are thinking of adjusting your product packaging, contact us now. We’ll help you through the process and make sure your packaging fits all the criteria for the best chance of success. Plus, you can stay updated on our products by following us on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn, and Pinterest.