5 Ways to Help Save the Planet with Custom Product Packaging

eco friendly packaging suppliesIt’s no secret that protecting the environment has become far more than a trend and has been elevated to a top priority. Not only are governments creating laws that reflect this new reality, but businesses are now expected to do their part however they can, which includes incorporating eco-friendly packaging.

While reduced packaging and recycling are very important, trying to be environmentally conscious does place added responsibility on businesses. For many companies, it’s not always outweighed by cost, and this is often the driving factor. In the end, however, eco-friendly packaging supplies are something that ultimately benefit everyone and can reduce carbon footprints. Here’s a list of how custom packaging can be environmentally beneficial.

Smaller Packaging

Good things come in small packages, at least when it comes to helping the environment. Of course, as a business you want your packaging to be creative, and this is something we support here at The Unique Group. But fitting your packaging to the actual size of your product and reducing any excess material and finishes lessens the impact your package has on the environment.

Use Recycled Materials

Both post-consumer waste and post-industrial waste are types of recycled materials that can be used by factories for packaging. Again, you can still maintain your custom packaging creativity with recycled materials; it will just take some more effort. Also, if using 100% recycled materials puts too much of a dent on your branding, then at least use a percentage of recycled material so your packaging is still produced more efficiently.

Create Packaging Consumers Can Reuse

Reusable packaging is a great way to reduce waste. Grocery stores are probably the first businesses to come to mind, but they are certainly not the only ones who can encourage consumers to utilize reusable packaging. Specialty retailers, movie theatres, and even some large retailers can benefit from customers reusing their packaging. Bags are the most popular form of eco friendly packaging, but jars and containers and even knapsacks are becoming more prevalent. And not only are these reusable packages helping the environment, but they are a great way to continue marketing to your customers.

Don’t Forget to Recycle

The simplest way to have a positive impact on the environment is starting to get lost a bit. But recycling is still important and still plays a vital role in helping to prevent non-biodegradable waste from infiltrating oceans and landfills. Help out your customers by appropriately labelling your packaging so it is clear where it is to be disposed of. It’s not just a matter of paper or plastic anymore; there are nuances that need to be specified, and your business should play a role in that process.

Multi-Purpose Packaging

Going beyond reusable packaging, multi-purpose or multi-use packaging allows customers to use the packaging for more than just storage. This is another opportunity for businesses to really be creative. A great example of existing multi-use packaging is the cork box that mugs are packaged inside, which is turned into coasters. Another example is including seeds in packaging so customers can literally plant the packaging in the ground. The material would, of course, need to be biodegradable, but you can see the potential here to produce some unique packaging while still remaining environmentally responsible.

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