The Unique Group Announces New “True Stretch” Reflective Material

The Unique Group (, a company offering one-stop brand packaging solutions, is announcing its new “True Stretch” reflective material.

The Unique Group has global exclusivity to offer a revolutionary new “True Stretch” reflective product to its customers. This reflective material stretches, without cracking, on the performance fabrics of today and features 100% recovery, which ensures designs are not distorted.

“We’re excited to be providing our clients with this amazing new product,” says Asher Lichtman, VP Sales and Marketing at The Unique Group. “We’re always pushing for new ways to get better and this stretch material has helped us do just that.”

The new stretch reflective material of the True Stretch product comes in traditional silver as well as several other colours, including gold, navy blue, white, black, and yellow-green. The Unique Group can also use the material to manufacture all types of trim by the yard. This can then be embellished with screen print logos, laser etched for a lenticular look, or be (made more) perforated for a breathable enhancement to the garment.

“It’s also possible to laminate our trim to a stretch Lycra fabric so it does not inhibit the stretch of the garment,” Lichtman adds. “In addition, the reflective candle power of our silver colour rivals the best product on the market for application on safety apparel.”

The Unique Group die cuts or laser cuts its new stretch reflective product into any logo shape using “low-temperature” adhesives and hot peel. This allows for easy heat seal application on the newest technical performance fabrics in the market today.

“We at The Unique Group are all very excited about the potential of this product,” Lichtman concludes. “Everyone is encouraged to experience this exciting new material for themselves.”

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