Test Your Product Packaging with These Four Must-Haves

Product-packaging-must-havesWe’ve spoken at length about the importance of custom product packaging. Not taking the time to create packaging that reflects your brand, creates an experience for your customers, and stands out from its competitors is actually costing you dollars.

You have to understand that people tend to shop instinctively. They look for things that catch their eye and make their purchasing decision accordingly. So, when you are developing your product packaging, you must do so knowing that there is a lot at stake. But if you work with the right product packaging manufacturers, you can put your mind at ease knowing they will help you get the job done.

When developing your custom product packaging, there are four things you must have.

Creativity and Uniqueness to Make It Stand Out

We said that consumers shop with their eyes and their emotions, so you have to ask yourself what you’re doing to make your brand packaging stand out. There are so many options when it comes to being unique; playing around with the shape, size, and colour are all known ways. More specifically, incorporating what are called “cusps” is one way to draw attention to your product. Cusps are sharp shapes that typically create an aura of danger or caution for the consumer. Because of this, they are more likely to grab attention and are just one measure companies can take to really separate their products.

A Simple Design

One trap a company can easily fall into is trying to do too much. They want to make their product stand out so badly that they overdo its packaging. Creativity doesn’t have to be excessive. The goal is to draw consumers to your product, and this can often be done most effectively with simple designs. It’s also important to remember to stay on brand. As much as you want to be unique, establishing brand familiarity is just as important.

Consider the Customer’s Emotions

What are you doing with your packaging to connect with customers on an emotional level? There must be something about your packaging that stimulates your consumers. Are you igniting their interest with a certain colour pattern you know your demographic will respond to? Are you using copy that speaks to your consumers’ values? These are questions that you should ask yourself ahead of designing your packaging.

Packaging to Make Your Brand Iconic

You want your brand to be remembered. That’s how you stay in the hearts of consumers for the long term. Companies like Nike, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, and Disney have all forged their ways into the hearts of consumers all over the world by using measurable design tactics. These companies understand the significance of their logos and other designs. They have been able to master their branding and create ultimate levels of familiarity because they recognize that design is much more than cool colours; design actually contributes to sales in a big way. Your company must take that same approach from day 1.

The Unique Group has the right mix of technology and experience to really help clients nail their packaging. We work with many large corporations to help capture their audiences through package branding, and we offer branded packaging supplies for anyone in any business.

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