Stone Paper—Improve the Aesthetics of Your Product Packaging

stone paper packagingEvery so often there is an innovation that comes along to move an industry forward in a new direction. In product packaging, the move towards more eco-friendly packaging has been constant in the last decade or so, and now, stone paper is making its claim as the future of paper.

New Papermaking Technology

The most obvious first question is, “What exactly is stone paper?” The basic answer is that stone paper is exactly what it sounds like—paper made from stone. But really, it’s more about the technology and the value it presents as environmentally friendly paper that makes this innovation so exciting.

Rockstock is the technology behind this innovation, which is why it is sometimes referred to as Rockstock paper. Ground down waste stone is used to manufacture the paper. The paper appears to be synthetic, but in reality it is not synthetic nor is it fibre-based or pulp-based.

Better for the Environment

Maybe the best part about stone paper is that it is completely tree-free. This is important because it means not a single tree has to be cut in order to make this paper. None of the qualities of traditional paper is compromised: print quality remains high, and tear-resistant and waterproofing qualities are still present.

Some more amazing environmental benefits include the fact that stone paper uses far less (about half to a third) energy than wood or fibre to be manufactured. No effluent is generated in its manufacturing, and it has a low carbon emission. No water, acid, base, or bleach is need during production, and any trimmings from production are recycled to be used in the making of new paper. Stone paper is biodegradable and has no negative impact on the air, drinking water, or rivers.

Useful for Sustainable Packaging

The paper industry is set to hit US $17.0 billion in the year 2017. With the ongoing movement towards sustainable packaging, the stone paper industry makes it possible to be a part of this market without damaging the environment.

One of the qualities that make it useful for packaging includes the fact that stone paper is freezer-grade. That means it remains durable under low temperatures, which is ideal for food packaging. It’s also great for packaging because standard inks print well on its surface. You won’t need to use any speciality inks to accommodate.

Sustainable and environmentally responsible products are the wave of the future. We at The Unique Group encourage all of our clients to use eco-friendly packaging and offer many options to help them accommodate.

The safety of the environment is all of our responsibility. Businesses need to implement models that reflect their concern for the environment, and it’s possible to do so without damaging your own bottom line. Stone paper manufacturers are a single means of doing your part. We hope to bring all our clients close to complete eco-friendly product packaging.

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