Why Sportswear Brands Prefer Heat-Transfer Labels

custom heat transfer labelsIf you are currently in the sportswear or athleticwear industry, then hold on to your sneakers because growth is in the forecast. Sportswear is already a booming industry; across the globe, people spent US $281.9 billion on sportswear last year alone. North America accounted for the largest bulk of that spending at about $102.0 billion.

What’s exciting is that these figures are expected to grow. By 2020, we can expect the global sportswear market to reach a staggering $365.0 billion. That’s an estimated compounded annual growth rate of 5.3%.

What does all of this mean for the independent sportswear brand trying its best to get every consumer in its fitness clothes or activewear clothes? It means you better be great at branding your product and take every opportunity possible to gain a competitive advantage. You can bet that more and more companies are aiming for a piece of that multibillion-dollar pie.

One trend that helps sportswear brands is custom heat-transfer labels—or tagless labels as they are more commonly referred to. The term “heat-transfer” refers to the method by which the label is applied to the garment using heat to produce a no-label look.

Adding Value to Your Athletic Wear Products

Fitness clothing is all about comfort and performance. What heat-transfer labels do is allow you to still brand your product while embedding the tagless label into the design of the outfit. Now you have a more sleek and contemporary-looking product that is on trend with the current market and consumer expectation.

Heat-Transfer Labels Are Skin Friendly

Because consumers in athleticwear are likely much more active, using heat-transfer labels is the best solution. Other labels may cause itching and possibly even irritation if used regularly for high-performance workouts and may get in the way with sports performance. With heat transfer technology, the clothing is “free” from labels and essentially “tagless” because the product information is imprinted within the garment.

Provides a Sleek Look to Your Brand

Ask Adidas or Under Armour if the look is not important when it comes to activewear. Believe us when we say it absolutely makes a difference. If you are trying to make headway in with your sportswear brand, then not only must it be functional for high performance, but it must also look the part.

Versatile and Durable

Heat-transfer labels are versatile and can be produced in a variety of shapes and colours. They have superior colour quality and can be designed to have a 3D effect if desired. Not only are they versatile, but heat-transfers are also recyclable, durable, and can be applied with perfect accuracy. This helps to prevent cracking and also helps makes your brand stand out to your potential customers.

The Unique Group has the ability to apply heat-transfer labels with pinpoint accuracy. Our tagless labels offer superior colour quality and are durable enough to withstand the heavy activity of its users. Contact us now to learn more about our heat-transfer technology. Plus, you can stay updated on our products by following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


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