Custom Printed Labels: Adding Uniqueness to Your Apparel Brand

When consumers see a custom printed label on a product or clothing brand, they usually have no idea just how much work went into designing that label to cater to them—vast amounts of research and back and forth with design and copy teams is done before that label is attached to any brand.

Though custom labels are a part of nearly all products, clothing brands in particular go through lengths to ensure the labels and tags are designed just right. The labels are very much a part of the overall aesthetic of the clothing and require the same attention to detail as any stripe or button.

With all that said, what are the benefits to putting so much effort into labels for apparel?

Custom Labels Attract More Customers

For consumers who are not familiar with your brand, everything matters. Before they even get to the point of testing the effectiveness of your product, they are analyzing its overall look. That means an eye-catching custom label can help attract new customers to your brand and give you an edge over your competitors.

Increases Awareness of Your Clothing Brand

Having the best product on the market doesn’t necessarily mean having the best business in the market. Consumers have to know you exist, and that takes time and the need to constantly familiarize them with your brand. The use of labels plays a significant role in creating this brand awareness. You want as many ways as possible for a consumer to identify with your brand, and custom labels represent one of the key means of making this happen.

Custom Printed Labels Can Boost Sales

The perceived value of a product goes a long way to getting consumers to spend dollars on your brand. If consumers today don’t believe they are getting full value, they become disinterested and move on to the next product. In the clothing industry, this reality is magnified several times over. Trying to take a shortcut on the label is a signal to consumers that you don’t care enough about your brand to take the time to customize all aspects.

Provides Elegant and Professional Looks to Your Product

Imagine all the time you take to design your clothing. The time you take to choose fabric alone is an ordeal let alone find intriguing design patterns that fit your tastes and hopefully the tastes of consumers around the world. Now imagine finally completing a round of designs ready for the public and just slapping a plain tag absently along the edges of your clothing. So much of the appeal and perceived value gets lost. Including a custom printed label helps to keep your product branding professional and adds a touch of elegance.

The Unique Group understands just how important custom printed labels are to a clothing brand. We work with several global clothing labels and participate in giving labels the attention they need. But this is just as important to small businesses as it is to large corporations.

Branding is something that needs to be consistent all the way around from start to end. Let Unique Group help prepare your clothing brand for the competition; we have the knowledge and expertise of custom labelling. Contact us today for more details. Plus, you can stay updated on our products by following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.