RFID Stickers for Smart Packaging

People outside of the industry may not realize that the packaging industry is valued around US$800.0 billion each year. That’s an enormous figure. Within that number you also have the smart packaging sector with an estimated worth to be approximately US$39.7 billion in 2020. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) stickers are a big part of that figure and consumers and retailers alike are utilizing this smart labelling technology more than ever.

RFID stickers/labels use wireless radio waves to identify products through a chip embedded in the object. RFID stickers/labels can be used for a variety of products and continue to have several benefits over using standard barcodes.

Benefits of RFID

The benefits of RFID packaging extend to both the customers and the retailers. Having access to information through this technology helps manage product safety, in particular with food products, along with provides necessary transportation and ingredient information. RFID stickers can also be used for apparel. Many brands may attach the sticker to a hang tag, which can later be cut off after the clothing has being purchased. RFID stickers can also be embedded into the garment, such as with company uniforms. This makes it much easier to keep track of who the item belongs to when the clothing is sent out to be washed.

Some more specific benefits of RFID stickers include the following:

RFID Increase Product Security: The term smart packaging is accurate when describing the use of RFID stickers. These labels are self-aware, meaning they can report on their whereabouts at any point during transport, including where they are headed and where they have been. This level of consistent connectivity aids in the security of products, from avoiding any fraud to ensuring its hygienic quality.
Interactive and Facilitate Traceability: Smart tags are able to provide so much more information to a consumer than the average label. They respond to questions and draw from either local sources or stretch to utilize information gathered from the cloud. Shoppers can access this information on the spot which can help initiate sales. Extra information such as where the package is from or even external links to special offers is all possible through RFID smart product packaging.
Provides Product Specific Safety Information: When it comes to food products, consumers today are more aware than ever about the condition of their foods. They want to know what they are putting into their bodies is healthy and safe for consumption. Smart packaging allows for this level of demand. Sensors allow for users to determine the temperature of the package, along with other environmental factors related to the quality and maintenance of the product. This is essential for food products and pharmaceuticals, which demand specific controls in order to be deemed safe for consumption.

The Unique Group is well aware of the benefits of smart packaging. We really take advantage of all technology that will benefit the service to our clients. The world in general has accepted smart technology as part of their everyday lives. Cell phones, computer technology, and other mobile devices are now commonplace, and giving both consumers and retailers a means of adopting technology to become better familiarized with the products is necessary to cementing your brand identity.

The Unique Group offers RFID tracking as one of our many services. Our team is able to use this technology in a manner that is specific to each of our clients. To learn more about the services offered at The Unique Group, contact us today. You can also stay updated on our products by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.