Packaging and Labelling Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

Whether you are new to the industry or not, there are just some packaging and labelling mistakes that you simply need to avoid. If you are new, know that you are jumping into an industry worth over US$800.0 billion. That means the competition is stiff and the opportunities you have to make mistakes (and recover from them) are few.

Your company needs to be on point in all aspects of its packaging operations. Of course there is always room for growth, even for the most established retailers. But if we can give you some advice to avoid these product packaging mistakes, then you’ll be in better position to succeed regardless of your experience.

Labels with Errors

If ever there was a mistake to avoid at all costs, it’s this one. First of all, there may be legal implications for making significant labelling errors. You need to ensure that everything you put on your label is correct and accurately represents your brand. Just as damaging, however, is the fact that labelling mistakes decreases customer trust in your brand. Correctly labelling your products is a big deal. Even simple grammatical errors cause your company to lose credibility in the eyes of your consumers.

Using the Wrong Packaging Material

There are a couple different layers to this. The packaging material you choose must be on brand and fit the style and theme of the product it is carrying. If your going for a fun, flirty vibe, choose a vibrant, colourful packaging design. For many consumers, the packaging material and design is their first impression of your product. So not only does this need to eye-catching but it also needs to leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Not Ensuring Safety While Packaging

Safety and packaging need to go hand in hand, always. And this a big trend that driving the packaging market in 2017. How many times have you heard of massive recalls because a product wasn’t safe upon opening. This is a mistake that can actually lead to some significant profit loss. It’s best to know all of the safety regulations and follow them at all times. Safety also refers to the type of packaging you choose for your product. Nothing is worse than packaging a fragile item in a flimsy box that can’t support the weight or protect its shape.

Not Switching to Eco-Friendly Packaging

Consumers put a lot of emphasis for brands to be more environmentally responsible in their packaging. In 2017, it will not only be a trend to switch to eco-friendly packaging, but it will hopefully become an industry standard. Governments continue to offer breaks to businesses that prove to be eco-friendlier, but businesses should consider sustainable and environmentally responsible packaging because it is much better for our environment. Period.

Not Using Custom Designs for Your Packaging

There is no reason in this day and age for you to not use some kind of custom design on your packaging. Customizing your packaging is an essential part of branding and can not be overlooked. It’s essential to include a unique image (if not more than one), fonts, shapes and colours in your packaging design. Your product packaging manufacturers should be able to help with creating custom prints and pictures for your packaging.

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