An Illustration is Worth 1000 words: Illustration in Packaging

What is a brand illustration system and why does it matter?

A common proverb says a picture is worth a thousand words. Think of the many impactful images that have touched you over the years, such as the image of your first child, your wedding or your graduation. Seeing a picture of a treasured moment can transport you back to that particular time and place. That is the power of imagery, and illustration is arguably one of the most impactful forms of imagery. Brand Illustration in packaging is a powerful design tool that can help your brand build its story and grow your client base.

From financial institutions, like Sun Life Financial to tech companies like Google to clothing companies like Lululemon athletica, Inc., big brands are embracing brand illustration in packaging. If you are aiming to strengthen your brand identity, then creating a brand illustration system is an essential part of your strategy. In this article, we’ll explore ways brands are improving their positioning by using illustrative packaging.

What is a brand illustration system?

A brand is your identity as a company. Thus it’s critical that you invest in creating a brand that is recognizable, human and unique. Your brand illustration system is a series of images that portray your brand’s identity and promise to consumers. It is vital that your illustration style reflect your brand identity. I.e., if you are a fun and whimsical brand – like a confectionery brand or the colorful fashion brand Kate Spade then it makes sense that your imagery is fun and playful too. However, if you are a sophisticated and serious brand, like a luxury accessory brand or a financial institution then your illustration should be more minimalist.

Why is illustration in packaging valuable?

Brand illustration is more unique and inventive than leveraging traditional graphics. Here are some of the main advantages of using brand illustration in packaging.

  • It provides a unique prototype that can’t easily be replicated.
  • It has an edge over stock photography or imagery as it cannot be duplicated.
  • With custom illustration, you get to own your distinct style, copy, and imagery.
  • Using a custom illustration makes your brand appear more human and authentic.
  • Brand illustrations help you to harness brand storytelling.
  • Linework is sophisticated and can appeal to luxury consumers.


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