How to Make Successful Clothing Hangtags

Clothing hangtags offer a way for your brand to speak for itself when you are not present. It communicates valuable information to customers, including size, price, and brand of clothing. More importantly though, hangtags for clothing continue the story of your brand and represent the lifestyle your customers are attracted to.

Hangtags shouldn’t be looked at merely as of piece paper that give basic information. They can be so much more than that, and great clothing labels understand the value of hangtags as part of apparel packaging. Hangtags also can be functional. For example, in the case of some beer companies, the hangtags double as coasters. In other instances, hangtags can be stickers that customers can place anywhere they’d like.

The goal is always to stand out. Particularly in the clothing industry, attention to detail is everything. The details are what separate you from the other brands hanging right beside your own. So, custom hangtags should be an extension of your brand’s style.

Using Clothing Hangtags to Enhance Your Brand Identity

There are a number of ways to go about ensuring you’ve created a hangtag that enhances your brand identity.

Keep it Simple Yet Attractive

You don’t have a lot of space with hangtags, so keeping it simple is sound advice. What’s important to keep in mind is that your hangtag must continue to tell the story of your brand. Of course, it’s important to design something attractive that catches the eye of customers. But if your hangtag doesn’t connect with the rest of your brand, then it is not doing its job.

Size Matters, So Use Large Hangtags

In the world of hangtags, size does play a role. Whenever possible, design your hangtag as large as possible. If a larger-sized hangtag isn’t possible, then focus on the shape of the tag. Using contrasting shapes is one great way to help your hangtag make a statement. But again, don’t go too far when customizing your hangtags. You must always stay on brand.

Include Detailed Product Specifications

Hangtags are your voice. So, use them to communicate as much information as possible to potential customers. Instead of just giving the size, list elements that are crucial and specific to your brand. Let the customer know what sets your brand apart from competitors’. Maybe it’s the fabric you use or some kind of functional significance—whatever insight you can give the customer will help push them decide to purchase your clothing.

Use More Than One Piece of Paper

To really grab your audience’s attention give them more opportunities to see your branding. This means using more than one hangtag or choosing a design that uses more than one piece of paper. Hangtags with two or three pieces of paper or layers can get your message across loud and clear. And they are not only effective marketing tools, but they also look great too.

Use Original Materials for Hangtags

Here is your opportunity to be creative in your hangtag design. Opting to use an assortment of original materials, such as cork or wood, not only has visual appeal, but it can also create a unique tactile experience for the customer. Consumers use all five senses when choosing products, so it’s a good idea to appeal to all of those senses to really make your brand stand out from the rest.

The Unique Group takes pride in focusing on all details when it comes to creating hangtags. We know the value custom hangtags add to clothing, and we work with our clients to develop a design that best fits their brands.

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