Helping to clean the ocean from plastic

At The Unique Group, we’re committed to creating a greener and healthier world for all. That’s why were proud to support Plastic Bank—an award-winning organization that is focused on eliminating ocean-bound plastic and helping communities in developing countries.

Plastic Bank is a Canadian organization founded in Vancouver by David Katz and Shaun Frankson with the mission of eradicating plastic and improving sustainability. Plastic Bank believes that before one can effectively clean debris from the oceans, the leakage of waste must be stopped in the first place—the tap must be turned off. For that reason, Plastic Bank focuses on eliminating ocean-bound plastic waste—materials that have not been landfilled and are prone to enter waterways.

The organization pays locals in Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines to collect plastic from their environment. Collectors for Plastic Bank primarily collect post-consumer waste, such as:

  • HDPE (milk containers, detergent containers, base cups)
  • LDPE (plastic bags and bubble wrap)
  • PET (plastic beverage containers, polyester textiles)
  • PP (battery casings, containers)

By cleaning up their local towns, Plastic Bank customers have collected more than 500,000,000,000 plastic straws — that’s enough straw to create a line of straws around the earth.

The impact of Plastic Bank’s work is huge because it empowers people in developing countries to make a living wage while cleaning up their communities.

We’ve donated to this incredible social enterprise as a part of our sustainable commitments, our contribution will help to stop over 420 kg of plastic – equal to 21,000 500ml water bottles- from entering the ocean every year.  That is equal to 5 years of plastic for an average consumer in North America.

Also, as a part of our sustainable solutions, we have developed woven and printed labels made with recycled polyester yarn manufactured from used PET bottles.