The Unique Group is proud to introduce their revolutionary stretch reflective technology. In addition to being able to stretch with the top performance fabrics of today, Uni-Stretch also boasts a 100% recovery rate. This means it has optimal stretch capabilities without distorting any of the designs on the material.

The applications for the stretch technology are exciting. This labels can be used in sportswear, outer garments, safety products, caps, shoes, bags, and so much more. The Unique Group also offers this fabric in several colours, starting with the traditional silver. Other colours such as gold, black, white, yellow-green, navy blue, and dark black are also offered.

Stretch Reflective Material—Unique and Innovative

Reflective Jacket

There are many unique advantages to the stretch reflective material.

  • High Reflective Power: During the night or in situations where lighting is minimal, the security offered by True Stretch is most evident. The stretch reflective technology provides a clear outline so those wearing the fabric are more visible.
  • 100% Recovery: True Stretch is capable of high performance and movement, including being able to stretch without cracking or distorting any designs. It boasts a 100% recovery rate, which means you never have to worry about cracking. The reflective material will fall back into place looking like new.
  • Lightweight: True Stretch is lightweight and offers high-quality reflective design elements without the need for sewing.

The New Trend for High-Visibility Apparel

One of the things that makes this product so exciting is that it can be used in multiple industries for multiple purposes. In the sportswear industry, stretch reflective material is geared towards performance. Its high visibility makes its security capabilities obvious, and it’s a fashion material so it’s trending now in the sports industry.

Some of its specific uses include:

  • Stretch Reflective Tape for Safety Garments: This is ideal for occupations that require work at night or in areas with low visibility. The True Stretch technology can be used for occupational safety clothing including shoes, clothing, and safety belts.
  • Reflective Elastic Fabric for High-Visibility Apparel: Joggers appreciate this material for evening or nighttime runs, while it can also be applied to motorcycle wear to increase their visibility on the road.
  • Elastic Stretch Reflective Fabric for Sportswear: The True Stretch technology enables athletes to perform in their garments at a high level and can used for a variety of sports appeal including swimwear, bags, jerseys and shorts.