The Top 5 Advantages of Resealable Packaging

While resealable packaging is already actively used by food companies, there are several reasons why clothing companies should opt for reusable packaging too. Resealable packaging has clear benefits for the consumer. In fact, the typical consumer is willing to pay 14% more for products in resealable packaging. Here’s a look at the top advantages of resealable packaging.

1. Resealable Packaging Gives Your Products Added Protection.

Resealable packaging provides stylish protection for your products. Most importantly, the added protection can extend the life of the product by protecting it from dust, dirt, wear and tear. It also gives the consumer peace of mind as zippers let people know that the product is securely locked in. For example, a laminated resealable bag for a garment can keep it pristine as the owner packs it away for a vacation. Reusable packaging is also ideal for sportswear, for example,using a resealable bag a consumer can easily store and transport your clothing in their gym bag. Similarly, resealable packaging can safeguard a clothing item if you are storing it for later wear. For example, if you were to buy a sweater for a growing 7-year-old boy to wear when he goes up a size buying a shirt in a resealable bag would protect it from damage. Likewise, if you wanted to safely store a shirt you bought as a gift for a loved one, then a zipped locked package has several clear advantages. By protecting the longevity of the product, you increase consumer satisfaction and in turn boost brand loyalty.

2. Resealable Packaging is Environmentally Friendly.

As mentioned earlier, recyclability is an important feature that consumers value in 2017. Thus, it pays to use reusable packaging, which can be made from recyclable materials such as biodegradable films. Moreover, zip-lock packaging can be re-used for a host of different purposes such as storing linens and small items like toiletries when traveling. For those reasons, sustainable packaging is smart value-ad that consumers consider when shopping.

3. Resealable Packaging Brings Great Benefits for Retailers.

Resealable packaging has a host of advantages for the stores selling your items from displaying your product to managing returns of your product if necessary. For example, if a customer bought a t-shirt in a poly bag and then discovered when they got home that the shirt didn’t fit well and returned it, when the return is processed the retailer can easily put the product on the display again. Since the product is resealable, it doesn’t need to be re-wrapped in plastic or placed in a new box for display. Resealable packaging also makes it easier for retailers to display your item because most bags have holes or hooks that let you display the products in a vertical position. Displaying items in a vertical position allows the retailer to save shelf space and can allow you to have more of your products on display. It also optimizes overall space for the retailer.

4. Resealable Packaging Helps Your Product Stand Out from the Crowd.

When picking a product, consumers make snap judgements and rely on their sensory cues to choose the best product. Resealable packaging can be translucent, letting the shopper know exactly what they’re getting before they even open it up as opposed to using a box or other opaque packaging materials. Moreover, it has extra features such as zippers and buttons that let your prospective consumers know your product is unique. Lastly, resealable packaging allows you to get truly unique with your packaging design. The Unique Group has different kinds of materials to create creative polybags designs according to you and your customers’ needs. Such as laminated bags with peg holes, frosted bags with satin ribbons for high end items or bags with ziplock closures.

5. Resealable Packaging is Compact.

There’s a reason each year Apple makes its iPhones slimmer. Users want products that are small, and easy to store. Compact products sell well, which is a primary advantage of resealable packaging. Using a resealable bag can enable you to pack large items like sweaters into easy to carry, light-weight packages. It also allows you to package multiple products together and sell them in bulk such as underwear, t-shirts, and socks. Bundling products is a huge value-add for the user as it can save them from making multiple trips to the store — it also let’s you sell more product.

The Bottom Line

Resealable packaging can give your product a host of advantages from compatibility to eco-friendliness. Globally, smaller packaging and sustainable packaging are top trends consumers desire. By using compact packaging, you create a product that is useful to the consumer and in turn can create brand loyalty.

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