How to Create Social-media Packaging Design

A 2016 report by Canon found that 25% of consumers take up to 300 photos per month. Of those 300 photos, more than a few of those photos featured branded content. Consumers are now playing a pivotal role in your brand’s positioning and marketing because of social media. Social media users love to curate beautiful photos of interesting snippets of their life, including creative packaging designs. From a picture of a delicious meal at a ritzy restaurant to glamorous new makeup or a new pair of shoes, consumers like to show off on social media.

If you are a fashion retailer with consumers between the ages of 18-25, that segment of shoppers is particularly likely to show off your product online. A recent study found that Millenial and Gen Z consumers are 74% more likely to post a product ordered online. They are even more likely to share your product if it looks like a fashionable gift. So the next time you assemble an online order, think of an interesting way to make your delivery packaging extra special. Take, for instance, Kate Spade’s beautiful packaging, or the floral detailing on the inside of this box from Couture Inc. When your consumers post photos of your brand, make sure they get your good side by creating excellent packaging, like the examples below.

Kate Spade Packaging

This packaging from Kate Spade is bright and colorful.

Tips for creating social media packaging design

Contrasting colours and ribbon add an edge of flair.

Ultimately, good social media-friendly packaging should complement the values and aesthetics of your consumers. Ask yourself, would this design be a complementary part of a photo shoot?

Think of bold, unique designs that will clearly distinguish your ad from your competitors. As stated in a PackWorld article, “The more your packaging “does,” the more consumers will talk about it. And “Did you see that ad?” will soon turn into “Did you see that packaging?” It won’t be long before the biggest threat to a consumer’s loyalty will come from another brand’s pack.”

Unicorn Frappuccino

Look for trends, hashtags, or keywords  that are being used alongside your products and then use those trends as ideas for your packaging designs. In 2017, unicorns were trending on social media, particularly among female teenagers, so both Starbucks and Kellogg’s hijacked those opportunities to create unicorn-themed products. Hence, the limited-edition unicorn Starbucks Frappuccino was born.

Create imagery that will look stunning both on social and desktop: Test your packaging designs on social media to make sure images are to scale and resonate with your audience.  Mock it up digitally on social media and desktop using a program like InVision.

Leverage influencers: Collaborate with influencers to create limited-edition packaging designs. For example, makeup companies like Too Faced, Becca and MAC Cosmetics have collaborated with celebrity makeup artists, celebrities and makeup gurus to create one of a kind packaging. In the past, these lines have sold out in mere days.

The Patrick Starrr x MAC Cosmetics collection featured bold red packaging with the makeup guru Patrick Starrr’s signature. The collection was highly popular.

Creative Packaging Design: Take advantage of the shape, color and typography to create packaging designs that draw attention both in the store and online, the goal is to create a design that is functional, beautiful and appeals to the consumer’s visual taste.

Packaging continues to make its way into social media with constant exposure specially on Instagram; Products put out on the web have potential to grow a large following, and become a powerful marketing tool. Packaging design ranges from shockingly innovative, to stunningly beautiful – if it’s impactful and works for the customer, it can trend in an instant.

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