How to Build Your Brand Identity with Custom Woven Labels

custom-woven-labels So you’ve taken on the enormous task of starting your own clothing collection. You knew coming in that it would be tough, but you obviously have a passion for fashion, so hard work isn’t an issue. When it comes to clothing and fashion, it’s important to find a way for your customers to identify your brand in a store amidst the sea of other clothing brands.

One way you can surely stand out is through implementing custom woven labels into your designs. By doing so, you immediately say to your consumer that detail matters, and your label becomes a constant reminder of your brand. Regardless if it is a new brand or one that already has customer recognition, all brands can really benefit from the use of custom woven labels.

There are many reasons why using woven labels rather than tags will benefit your brand. We’ll look at some of the top reasons throughout this article.

Use Custom Woven Labels to Add Style to Your Brand

Clothing labels are more than just a place to stamp your logo or add other informative details. They are part of the design. So you need to treat it like it is part of your clothing’s design. Don’t be creative in all other aspects of designing your clothing and just stop when it comes to the label. Show your customer that every detail is important to you, and that every piece of material on your clothing has meaning.

Convey the Right Message to Your Customers

Custom woven labels literally stay with the garments. So the messaging you display must be clear and must speak to your customer. This can be done with colours and imagery, or you can keep it simple and just include your brand logo. Whatever you decide, understand that your customers will be looking at this image every time they decide to put on this article of clothing. Make sure your messaging stands for something.

Add a Classic Touch to Your Clothing Brand

There’s something classic and sophisticated about adding a woven label to your clothing. It goes further than just being stylish or trendy. Your custom woven label presents a touch of class that will surely help your fashion line stand out from the crowd. And that’s really your goal. You want to create something that is eye-catching and memorable. Something that will get customers to stop and look twice.

Get Custom Woven Labels with The Unique Group

There’s no hiding from the fact that fashion is a competitive industry. There are established fashion houses who have spent decades building their brand. Then there are the newcomers who are hot at the moment and everyone’s favourite.

You can’t let any of this intimidate you. You are on your way to building your own audience and establishing your own brand. And it will certainly take time, but that’s why every single detail matters. From the colours, to the patterns and fabric, down to the type of label you choose, these details are crucial if you are creating a new brand or even redesigning an existing brand.

The Unique Group works with many well-known fashion corporations. We understand the importance of using custom woven labels to establish a brand’s identity. And we’re ready to help your clothing brand take its next step towards prominence. Contact us now if you want to know more about incorporating woven labels into your clothing. The Unique Group will respond within 24 hours of receiving your message. Plus, you can stay updated on our products by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.